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Anti fog window film instantly stops condensation on your glass.

Nationwide installation or delivered direct to your door

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Anti Fog Window Film Installation

Anti fog window film is the ideal choice for windows which suffer from condensation.  It’s perfect for homes, schools, hotels, factories, warehouses and shops.  We install the film onto existing glazing; we don’t need to remove your glass.  This makes the installation mess free.  Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

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Glass freezer doors without anti fog window film with a condensation problem

Instantly Stop Condensation

Anti-fog film immediately prevents condensation and fogging on your windows. Any windows can be kept totally fog free.  Don’t let condensation ruin your view.

Anti fog window film working on one freezer door, the other has no film installed on the glass

Anti Fog For
Freezer Doors

Freezer doors in supermarkets constantly fog up when opened and closed. If customers can’t see your goods there unlikely to buy it. Some freezer cabinets have electric heater strips to combat this, but they don’t always work well. They also cost money to run. Once we install the film, it instantly stops the condensation forming with no need for heaters.

Condensation stopping customer seeing into restaurant due to fogging of the glass

Customers Can’t See In
Due To Condensation?

Condensation can be a real problem for shop owners. Especially on cold days and single glazed windows. If customers can’t see into your shop easily, they are more likely to keep walking past. Anti-fog film installed to your shop windows could pay for itself very quickly by keeping your windows free from condensation.

Anti fog window film on a mirror with lady doing makeup

Bathroom Mirrors
Fogging Up?

We’ve all had it when you go to the bathroom for a shave or to do your make up. You’ve had a bath or shower, and the mirror is entirely fogged up. We can install the film to your bathroom mirror, and you’ll never have the problem again.

Areas Covered

Nationwide Installation

We install window film across the UK. With over 17 years experience installing anti fog film, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time.

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UK map showing areas that Evowrap offer anti fog window film installation

Buy Online & Fit Yourself

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Why Hire Evowrap?

Image of a window

No need to remove your windows

Window film is installed with the glass in situ.

Spanner & Screwdriver image

Completely Maintenance Free

No need to clean the film and doesnt attract dust.

Shield representing the warranty that comes with all our window film

Huge warranties for peace of mind

Most of our films carry ten years warranty.