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Anti-Graffiti Window Film


Perfect for commercial installations.  Clear protection for your glass.  Stops the glass from getting damaged.  Removable for up to 9 months.  UK nationwide installation or free delivery direct to your door.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Anti graffiti window film as a clear removable window film that protects the glass from graffiti and scratches.  When someone vandalizes the glass you can easily remove and replace the film.  We install the film onto existing glazing and don’t need to remove your glass, which makes the installation mess-free. Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

graffiti artist ready to spray glass window

Protect your glass against vandals

Glazing can often attract vandals. Removing graffiti can be costly. Etched and scratched glass needs replacing adding even more cost. Leaving the damage looks unsightly. Anti-graffiti window film is a thick clear material that can easily be removed and replaced. It protects the glass from damage by vandals.

Removable window film

Easily removed and replaced

The film can be removed easily within 9 months, usually leaving no residue. This makes for a quick and easy replacement. After 9 months it can still be removed easily but there may be a small amount or residue left behind. This can be easily cleaned off.

Scratches on a window

Replacing scratched glass costing too much?

Scratches from vandals, pets or even general wear and tear on your glass can be expensive and causes a lot of hassle. Save money, replace the scratched window film instead of the glass.

advertising board with anti graffiti window film installed

Protect glass on advertising boards

You’ll want to keep your advertising areas clean and free from graffiti. Graffiti and scratches on the glass can make a display look terrible. Installing anti graffiti window film to the glass on these displays can help you keep the display free from damage.

School hat

School glazing being vandalised?

Schools are another area that suffers from vandalism to their glazing. School children hanging around the corridors can often scratch messages into your glass. Now you can remove the film and replace it instead of having to replace the glass.

Train windows in need of anti graffiti protection

Great for trains and buses to protect the windows

Trains and buses suffer greatly with vandalism. As soon as glass is replaced someone damages it again. Many trains and buses now use an anti-graffiti film and have it changed on a regular basis to keep the damage to a minimum and save money on new glass.

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

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Why choose an Evowrap installation?

Evowrap installer fitting window film to glass

Wherever you are in the country, you can benefit from an Evowrap window film installation. We are based in the Midlands and have our team of installers covering the whole of the UK, and we don’t use subcontractors.

All Evowrap team members who visit your property are employed and highly trained in the Evowrap way. We’re a friendly family run business, just at the end of the phone.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements or request a quote using our online form today.

Why Trust Evowrap?

  • Extensive warranties
  • Friendly, family run business
  • Over 19 years experience in the industry
  • Mess free installations
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Simple booking process
  • Installers are CSCS and PASMA/IPAF certified
  • We use premium grade films from 3M, Llumar and Solar Screen

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

Areas we cover

Our Anti-Graffiti window film installers cover the whole of the UK for residential and commercial installations. We travel up and down the country every day from London to Birmingham, Manchester to Bristol.

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Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?