Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti graffiti film protects your windows against vandalism..  Nationwide commercial and residential window film installation or buy online with free delivery

Photo of a man vandalising anti graffiti window film

What are the benefits of anti graffiti window film?

Photo of etching on a vandalised window with anti graffiti glass film installed

Protection against vandals

Are your windows the victims of graffiti? Sick of having to spend large amounts of money on a glazier to get new ones? Our anti graffiti window film will fix these problems. Anti graffiti film is available in good (100 microns) and best (150 microns) options. Superior window protection against graffiti, paint and etching. 

Easily removed and replaced

Our graffiti film for windows can be easily removed and replaced. Leaves no residue for up to 3 years. Your pockets will thank you. Our graffiti window film is far cheaper than replacing the glass.

Anti graffiti film being removed from glass after being damaged
Anti Graffiti Window Film Evowrap

Completely invisible

Anti graffiti window film is completely invisible when installed. You wont lose any vision through your glass.

Benefits of anti graffiti film for residential clients

Physical barrier for glass
Cheaper than replacing glazing

Benefits of anti graffiti film for commercial clients

Means expensive shop fronts dont need to replace glass
Easy to replace film
Physical barrier for glass
Cheaper than glazier

Why choose Evowrap?

Save Money

Our window films ensure vandalism is a hassle of the past

Best Protection

Utilising the latest technology in superior window film, we offer the best anti graffiti window film solutions

Wide Range

Available in a range of sizes - suitable for all windows


10-year warranty

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation service – we can provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Ready to say goodbye to graffiti glazing headaches?

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Rang them up, answered by Terri.She explained everything and gave me a quote.No pressure, rang back a couple of days later to clarify certain things.again no problems.happy with price.job done by very professional guys.happy with product.

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