Architectural Window Film & Tints

Bring the power of window film to your space.  Evowrap installs architectural window film to homes and businesses across the UK.

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What is Architectural Window Film?

Architectural window film is a thick laminate which is installed to the interior or exterior of the glass in your windows.  Architectural films are generally made up of multiple layers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).  It can be combined with metals, dyes, pigments, ceramics and nano in order to create solar control, privacy, safety and security protection.  Window Film is self adhesive with a clear backing liner which is removed prior to installation.

Hassle Free

Architectural window tinting causes very little disrupotion to your day.  The only solution that is used is soapy water.  We will cover flooring and walls to stop them getting wet. 

Maintenance free

 Once installed window film for buildings require no special cleaning.  Simply clean it as often (or as little) as you currently clean the glass.  We recomend soapy water and a squeegee or soft cloth.


All of our achitectural window films come with extensive warranties. Most of our films come with 10 years warranty.

Benefits of Architectural Window Tinting

Solar Control Window Film

A range of solar control window films to help solve your sun problems

Privacy Window Film

A range of privacy window film to keep out prying eyes.

Safety & Security Window Film

A range of invisible anti shatter window film that hold glass shards in place when a window is broken.


A range of specialist protective window films which offer varying protection for glazing.

  • Stop condensation forming on your glazing with anti fog film
  • Protect glass against vandals with anti graffiti film
  • Add an anti bacterial coating to your windows

Why choose Evowrap?

Value for Money

Excellent service at a great price

Best Protection

Utilising the latest technology in superior architectural window film, we offer the best window film solutions

Wide Range

Available in a range of sizes - suitable for all windows


10-year warranty on most window films

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation of all architectural window films – we can provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy window film online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Interested in architectural window film?

Ready to find out how window film can improve your building comfort? 

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Great communication from initial questions, followed by free sample we could test at home, and installation done exactly when they said it would be.The Coolclear solar film is pretty much invisible when installed, and there is hardly any reduction in light. Unless you know the windows have the film on, you would not know.Could not have been a better experience. Would not hesitate to recommend.Just need the sun to shine now to test it properly!

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