Benefits of Shatterproof Security Window Film

Benefits of Shatterproof Security Window Film

Our security window film goes a long way to prove that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your property when opting for a secure solution. The shatterproof design will ensure you and your glass stays safe from a wide variety of threats, whilst also keeping it crystal clear to onlookers. Keep reading to discover how and why you should make your glass shatterproof with security window film.

Keeping Burglars Out of Your Property

Most burglars will not target houses by any means necessary. They will scope out and try weak spots at various houses until one is eventually found. Windows are a prime target for burglars when looking for means of breaking into a house. Why? They’re weak spots.

Statistics show that approximately 30% of house burglars occur through the window. This is because smashing through glass is almost always going to be easier than going through brick or concrete. Almost – that’s where Evowrap come in…

If your windows have stronger security, then a lot of robbers are likely to decide that it isn’t worth their time and will move onto a property that is less secure. Our 7 mil thick security window film will give you and your possessions a clear barrier of shatterproof protection against burglars.

The expertly designed material of our security window film is designed to withstand impact against common burglary items such as baseball bats, crowbars, bricks and other similarly blunt, heavy items.

Security for Shops and Showcases

Security is of prime importance for shopkeepers, however, they obviously want their items to look attractive to ongoing customers as well. Our security window film provides the perfect medium between security and aesthetics, ensuring that the wrong individuals can’t get in, but the right customers aren’t sent away.

The crystal clear, transparent security window film is installed with care and precision by our professional team, to ensure that it is invisible to onlooking shoppers. Our film will also maintain its appearance for years due to the scratch-resistant coating.

Breaking the glass behind our security window film would take an exceedingly large blow, as our material offers protection against bomb blasts. The likes of jewellers and watch retailers can also benefit from the use of our security window film for showcases and glass cabinets.

Ultimately, our shatterproof glass solution is a small price to pay for the safekeeping of your luxury items from potential burglars and criminals.

Never Compromise on Style

The prison bar aesthetics of bars and grills is so unappealing to many shopkeepers and property owners that they end up never protecting their windows from onlooking criminals. Those who wish to maintain the aesthetically pleasing aspect of their glass should look no further than our security window film.

It is also worth noting that, whilst we provide optically clear, invisible window film solutions, certain clients may opt for tinted glass to provide extra security. This is a great option for those who have particularly appealing items or products to onlooking burglars or, alternatively, merely those who wish to add some extra privacy to the other side of their windowpane.

Sun Protection

Persistent exposure to the sun’s rays can cause long term harm to your property’s interior. Items and products left in windows for an extended period of time are often affected by the “fading” effect you frequently see, for example, on clothes which have been left in shop windows for too long or dark coloured curtains.

As well as shatter proofing your glass, our security window film also brings the added benefit of Security Window Film topping 99% of damaging UV rays. This means that you never have to worry about damage or fading caused by the sun again.

Peace of Mind Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Regardless of whereabouts, you are located in the UK, nationwide installation is available to deliver secure solutions straight to your door.

This efficient installation process is hassle-free, as our expert staff are trained to install the film straight onto glass you already have. Our team will simply cut the film to the exact dimensions of your window and install it with the adhesive, sticky-backed material.

Alternatively, if you wish to install the product yourself, then you can purchase our security window film online, which comes with an easy to follow installation kit.

Protect from Accidents and Cracks

The shatterproof design of our security window film isn’t just able to protect your property from malicious intentions, it can also help protect against potential accidents as well.

Impact breaks are frequently caused by seemingly innocuous incidents and are difficult to prevent in many cases. Such examples include a kids ballgame gone wrong or even a dodgy swing (for those who live near a golf course).

Stress cracks are also very common, they begin as minor cracks at the edge of the window and continue to grow. These types of cracks are usually caused by large fluctuations in temperature, usually weather dependent, something that we’re not that disused to in the UK!

Another form of common cracked window is a pressure crack. Whilst rarer than the other types, this type of window damage can be caused by a severe change in the pressure system, usually caused by the weather. It can also occur if a window is at too high or low of an elevation level.

As you can see, there are various causes of cracked windows which are caused by less nefarious means than burglary. In any case, investing in the protection of security window film will help keep your glass safe from multiple forms of danger.

Invest in Protection Today

When working with Evowrap, you can be sure of a perfect installation and quality product every time. We have over 17 years experience in the window film industry and are the ideal solution for strengthening your property’s weak spots.

If you’re interested in securing your property with security window film, then simply request a free, no obligation quote or contact our expert team with any further queries.

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