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Completely block vision and light for total privacy with black out window film

Nationwide installation or delivered direct to your door

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Black Out Window Film Installation

Create a total privacy with a black out window film.  Available in black, white or silver it stops 100% of the vision and virtually all of the light.  We install the film onto existing glazing; we don’t need to remove your glass.  Makes the installation mess free.  Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

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Black out window film installed to factory windows for privacy

Create Total Privacy – Zero Vision

If you want to create complete privacy, then there’s nothing better than installing a black out window film. It stops 100% of the vision 24 hours a day.

black out window film creating a dark area for a home cinema

Stop 99% Of The Light

We can install black out window film to light sensitive areas which can prevent as much as 99% of light

TV screen in bub without glare on it due to black out film on the windows

Stop Glare On TV Screens And Monitors

Sunlight can be a problem if you have TV’s or computer monitors in your shop. It can stop your customers from viewing what you want them to see. A blackout film can end this glare instantly. Maybe you have a public house and want to install a large screen TV. Glare can be a real headache. Black out film can help.

Black out window film installed with company branding printed in full colour

Custom Branding Available

We can print any design onto black out and white out vinyl. Want to stop people looking in while work is carried out in a new store? Stop people seeing in and have it printed with any advertisement or branding.

Construction site with printed black out film installed on the windows

Custom Site Boarding

If you have a building area, it can look unsightly. You’ll want to stop customers looking into the area while work is being carried out. Black out and white out window film is the ideal choice.

Secure CCTV room which requires black out window film to be installed

Increase Security and Make Your Rooms Private

Instantly stop people being able to see into any private areas. If you have expensive equipment such as electronics, stopping people from seeing these can help deter break-ins.

Areas Covered

Nationwide Installation

We install black out window film across the whole of the UK. With over 17 years experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time.

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Map of UK showing areas that we install black out window film

Buy Online and Fit Yourself

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shop section on website to buy black out film

Why Hire Evowrap?

Image of a window

No need to remove your windows

Window film is installed with the glass in situ.

Spanner & Screwdriver image

Completely Maintenance Free

No need to clean the film and doesnt attract dust.

Shield representing the warranty that comes with all our window film

Huge warranties for peace of mind

Most of our films carry ten years warranty.