DIY Guide to Window Film Installation at Home

window film installed to home windows

Window film can provide a wide-array of benefits for you and your property. For both residential and commercial customers, Evowrap provides professional window films for bespoke homes, businesses, government buildings […]

What is The Best Way to Clean Window Film?

Woman cleaning window film

OK – we know what you’re thinking – what happened to: Completely Maintenance Free No need to clean the film and doesn’t attract dust! Well, this is still absolutely true. […]

Benefits of Shatterproof Security Window Film

broken glass held together by shatterproof window film

Our security window film goes a long way to prove that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your property when opting for a secure solution. The shatterproof […]

2-Ply Window Film

a roll of 2 ply window film

2-Ply window film is a window film that has two sheets of polyester, and so in it’s simplest form will be a scratch resistant coating, two sheets of polyester, an […]

Safety and Security Window Film Explained

child touching broken window with safety window film installed

Safety and Security Window Film is primarily a clear un-tinted film that is designed to hold shards of glass in place when under impact, although some films are available combined with […]