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Reflective silver one way window film to a security office for A Surnam construction in Rugby

side Reflective silver to security office in rugby

We attended the site in Rugby to install a one way window film to a security office.  They wanted to keep the inside private but allow the security guys to see out.


Rugby, Warwickshire

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Installation Date

November 2020

The Challenge

A Surnam asked us to come and help on a construction build they were working on.  They were upgrading this existing security office. This was at the front of the facility and anyone coming into the premises would come through here.  When the vehicles stopped to pass security they didn’t want people to be able to see inside the premises.

The Solution

We attended the site and installed a high reflective silver window film.  This gave a one way vision effect during the day.  People looking in would see a mirror but security guys could see out.  As you can see from the photos the film made the inside of the office completely private.

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