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DIY Guide to Window Film Installation at Home


Window film can provide a wide-array of benefits for you and your property. For both residential and commercial customers, Evowrap provides professional window films for bespoke homes, businesses, government buildings and conservatories. 

Regardless of whether you are investing in window film for its aesthetic properties (such as our frosted window film) or security benefits, there are many reasons why this is a great option for you. Our solar window film, for example, is a great solution for those who suffer from excess heat and glare through their windows, whilst also protecting you against UV rays. 

Shatterproof window film is a popular choice amongst homeowners and shop keepers who are looking to make their property as safe as possible. Decorative window film is also available for anyone who is wishing to turn their window from something merely functional into an artistic feature.

As you can see, there are many benefits of window film to fit various needs. However, one thing that ties them all together is the seamless, fuss-free installation process available. Evowrap offer installation services on all of our products, to any location based within the UK. However, for those who fancy going DIY, we also offer installation instructions with all of our films.

Upgrading your glass has ultimately never been easier than with our simple window film installation. Thanks to their self-adhesive properties, there is no need for any messy glue. You can install the film in-situ and there is no need to remove the glass you already have. All of our window films are available with fast and free delivery alongside full fitting instructions. 

Keep reading for our easy-to-follow, 10 step guide to simple and effective DIY window film installation at home. However, it is important to remember that these instructions provided are for general installations. Each scenario may differ slightly, therefore, If you need any further advice, then please get in touch before starting the installation.

The Process

1. Assembling the Right Tools

Before you get cracking, there are a few basic tools you will need for DIY window film installation. Most of these are available on our online store individually or in ready to go kits. These tools include:

  • A sharp knife with a snap off blade
  • Hard rubber squeegee
  • Glass scraper
  • Spray bottle filled slip solution (slip solution is made using a mix of approx 1tsp of Johnson’s baby shampoo per pint of cold water. The ratio can be adjusted depending on the specific scenario)
  • Lint free cloth (so that fibres are not left behind)

2. Doing the Measurements

This step is vital to ensure that the rest of the window film installation process goes smoothly. You need to carefully measure the window and make a note of the maximum width and length. After this, you will cut the window film to size. However, it is vital that you cut the window film slightly oversized, to give you some leeway later on in the process.

3. Preparing the Glass

To ensure that your window film doesn’t attract any dirt, grit or water bubbles when it is installed onto the glass, it is vital that you prepare your glass before going any further in the process. Firstly, you will spray your solution onto the glass, covering the whole glass panel with a fine mist. 

After this, you will thoroughly clean every part of the glass using a glass scraper. It is vital here to not neglect the edges of the window and ensure they are given special attention. For cleaning the edges of the window, a non-abrasive scrubbing pad is also suitable. 

Then, you will spray the window again, before using the rubber squeegee to remove all traces of water from the glass.

4. Removing the Backing Liner

Next you need to remove the backing liner from the film. The backing liner on most of our window films is a thin and clear sheet of film. If you have a vinyl, then it will be a paper backing.

Whilst removing the back liner, it is important to spray the sticky side with the slip solution as you peel. 

Struggling to remove the backing liner?  Put some tape on either corner with the sticky part facing each other.  Then when pull apart and one piece will stick to the film, the other to the backing liner.

5. Beginning the Installation Process

Now all the preparation is done, it is finally time to get started on applying window film onto your flat glass. At this point, you should have a wet window and the sticky side of the film should also be wet.

First, you place the film onto the window so that the adhesive side goes onto the

glass. Then, using the squeegee, you need to dry the water from behind the film. To do this, start from the centre and move outwards.

6. Trimming the Edges

This part will require a bit of care and a steady hand. You need to cut around the edges of the film from where we left a bit extra earlier, following along the edges of your panels. You have a choice here to either use a trim guide or the squeegee if you find this more effective.

7. A Thorough Dry

It is vital that there is no water left behind, as once it has properly dried you will have unsightly bubbles left in the film. You should use the squeegee at least 3 times to ensure that you are in no danger of these bubbles spoiling your bespoke window film.

8. Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Film (Almost)

The final step in the process is to thoroughly dry around the edges of the film with a lint free cloth so that no remaining water drips behind the film.

And that’s it: job done!

How We Can Help

Want to know how DIY window film installation could improve your home? With over 17 years experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time with Evowrap. If you’re interested in improving the views from your home, then simply request a free, no obligation quote or please call our expert team with any further queries.


Use a glass cleaner to thoroughly clean inside and out. Wipe away any dirt, grease or debris that could interfere with adhesion.

 Spray slip solution onto the glass then apply the film. Use the squeegee to smooth from the center outward. Trim excess film with a razor.

 It takes around 30 days for the window film to fully cure and adhere to the glass. Avoid opening windows during this time.

Ideally between 40-100°F. Avoid extreme cold or hot outdoor temperatures.

With patience and care, DIY installation is totally feasible even for beginners. Follow the instructions closely and take your time.

Use mild soap and water to clean. Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubs. Apply slip solution as needed to keep the film slick and dust-free.

10 thoughts on “DIY Guide to Window Film Installation at Home”

    1. Hi Clive, it depends on the size of the windows but if you was to order 100cm x 16 metres of reflective silver 20 the cost would be £116.

    1. Yes there is time for this. It depends on how warm it is and the size of the window. Also the more slip solution you spray onto the window the longer youll have. Generally, youll have plenty of time to get it into position. If you are not getting long enough then you need to use mroe slip solution or add more Johnsons Baby Shampoo / Fairy liquid to the water

    1. Yes you can join it. If the window is too tall and wide to fit the film in one piece simply but up the factory straight edge. You need to account for the film expanding very slightly when its hot. You can either leave a very small gap. less than 1mm is fine or you can overlap the join ever so slightly.

    1. Hi Barbara

      As standard all window films are installed internally. If you instaleld the film externally it would start to deteriorate and you wouldn’t benefit from the warranty (most of which are 10 years). Some films are available in external versions but they are more expensive than the internal versions and more difficult to isntall due to being open to the elements.

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