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Improve The Views From Your Home with Decorative Window Films

With the right decorative film design, windows can become grand, eye-catching, quirky or artistic features of any home or building space.  Depending on what effect you’re looking for, there are a wide array of decorative window films available. You can also design your own window film to bring a personalised element to your space. Keep reading to discover how you can benefit from decorative window films. 

Quick and Efficient Installation

Nationwide installation is available on all of our decorative window films, meaning we can come to you regardless of where you’re based in the United Kingdom.

Another huge benefit of decorative window films is that, thanks to our expert staff, there is no need to remove your existing glass. Instead, we simply install the film onto the glass you already have, which makes the entire operation entirely fuss and mess-free, cutting the film to the exact dimensions of your window(s).

Fancy going DIY? No worries! If you don’t need the help of our installation team and can put on the decorative window film yourself, then all our products come with installation kits which require the use of a few simple tools.

Here for the Long Run

Concerned about how long decorative window films will hold up? We’re so confident in the ability of our decorative window films to stand the test of time, that every installation comes along with a ten year warranty. 

Not only this, but our decorative window films are almost entirely maintenance free, attracting zero dust and requiring no need to regularly clean the film. To keep them looking pristine and sparkling, however, we recommend simply giving them a wipe every 6-12 months.

Let in the Light (Or Not)

Evowrap offers a wide variety of shades, films and designs to ensure that you can let in as much or as little light as you please when choosing a decorative window film. 

Rooms which you’re going to be doing a lot of thinking or working in, such as a study or office space, are ideal spaces to choose a decorative film which lets in more light. The physiological science behind this recommendation is that sunlight triggers a response in your brain thought to trigger the release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is beneficial for working environments as it is associated with boosting mood and allowing a person to feel both more calm and focused on getting things done. 

Alternatively, spaces where you want to block, or at least obscure more light (e.g. bedrooms), will also benefit through decorative or frosted window film. We have bespoke film designs which block out more light than others, which are ideal for bedtime as darker lighting is believed to trigger the brain into releasing another hormone called melatonin, which is responsible for helping you sleep. 

Closing the Curtains on… Curtains

Tired of looking at those dingy old, dust-collecting lengths of fabric hanging from the ceiling? Sorry curtains, you have your time and place, however a decorative window film can be a more efficient, modern alternative to traditional net curtains!

We offer a wide variety of styles which can be selected to suit the desired level of privacy you wish to have and the amount of light you wish to let in. 

Matching the Vibe You Want to Create

With a broad range of products available, there is a decorative window film to match every style, interior design and vibe you’re trying to create. 

Fancy something a bit more private? Our Classic decorative window film for example, would be perfect for creating your own meditation, spa room or separating wall. It’s simple light blocking design consists of random hair like squiggles and swirls which create partial privacy.

Likewise, our Tropic design showcases how we are able to make a bold statement from your window, with its colourful print on a partly transparent, partly private background. Perfect for bedrooms or conservatories. 

Alternatively, our Vitra window film will add a contemporary, elegant and artistic touch to any window space which its white, repeating polygonal pattern.

Child Friendly Designs

There are many decorative window film designs on offer which would be ideal for designing childrens’ bedrooms. These can be used as a feature for any room, whilst also providing a calming environment to help out with especially young children who require a certain level of light to better sleep. 

We have Disney based designs available, including the popular Winnie the Pooh window film, for a combination of total privacy and fun!

A Personal Touch

If you’ve had a look at the products available and can’t find something suitable to the style you’re trying to create, or simply want to add a bit of your personality to your home, then look no further. Evowrap offer a bespoke custom design service on decorative window films.

Why not send us a design and see how it would look? We frequently create decorative window films for company logos and branding, therefore, we are likely to make something work for any design idea. Get in touch for a quote and we will help you create something that works perfectly for your home.

Protective Measures

Walking into a glass door or window; is there any worse combination of physical pain and social embarrassment?

Well, if this is something which happens commonly in your home, or you simply want to prevent against it ever happening again, particularly for guests, then using decorative window films as a manifestation provides the best solution. We have a whole host of subtle to more extravagant designs which can be used as a protective measure to ensure that no one ever mistakes your window for a walkway again.

How We Can Help

Interested in seeing how decorative window film could brighten up your home?

With over 17 years experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time with Evowrap. If you’re interested in improving the views from your home, then simply request a free, no obligation quote or contact our expert team with any further queries.

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