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Is One Way Window Film the Solution to Your Business Privacy?

 For many businesses, windows can be the cause of privacy concerns. However, through investing in the multi-faceted benefits of one way window film, these concerns can be easily eradicated. Businesses are beginning to solve their problems far easier than they ever imagined with Evowrap.

Our privacy window film is the most efficient and convenient choice if you want daytime privacy. This type of one way window film can block some daylight, whilst still allowing you to see out of the window. All of our films can be installed onto the current glazing, meaning there is no need to remove your existing glass. The installation is quick, efficient and mess-free, as our staff will cut the film to the exact dimensions of your window. 

Nationwide delivery is also available on all products and an easy-to-follow installation guide is included for any customers who wish to go DIY. Ultimately, Evowrap is so assured of our films’ ability to last that every installation comes with a ten-year warranty.

So, in order to understand whether our one way solution is the answer to your business’ needs, we wanted to explain the different types of privacy film available to you.

Frosted: The Light Choice for You

Frosted window film is the perfect option for businesses who wish to stop onlookers seeing into their building without blocking the natural light. This is also a popular choice for office spaces, allowing glass windows to be obscured so that those working within them can have some privacy from co-workers and customers.

Depending on the aesthetic that your business is trying to achieve, we offer plain or more extravagant frosted designs. We create patterns and shapes within the frosted film to add a contemporary and artistic look to your business’ space. 

Businesses are well aware of the fact that natural light promotes higher energy levels and creative thinking for employees. This is thanks to the increased level of serotonin that sunlight encourages. Serotonin is an important chemical produced by the body which is believed to regulate healthy moods and energy levels.

Therefore, we have handcrafted and bespoke frosted window films which produces excellent daytime light levels, thanks to the high quality, translucent nature of the materials.

Have a company logo or motto which you’d like your frosted window film to show? There’s no such thing as too much brand exposure. Evowrap can digitally print and cut any design from our frosted film, which makes it the perfect solution for companies who wish to do some extra advertising. 

There are various decorative designs available to add an artistic and eye-catching element to your business’ glass windows. All types of designs can be printed on transparent or privacy films in full colour to add a personal element to your window tinting.

Blackout: What’s There to Hide?

Total and unapologetic privacy can be achieved with our blackout film designs. So what’s the difference between blackout window film and regular one way window film?

Blackout window film stops vision day and night, blocking virtually all light. Whereas one way window film gives daytime privacy, allowing some natural light as well as allowing you to see out (when installed under the correct lighting conditions).

Black out window film can stop up to 99% of all light coming through. This light-blocking design is also perfect for light-sensitive areas, such as cinemas and TV viewing areas. This window film is available in black, white or silver and completely stops an onlookers ability to see through the glass. 

This blackout solution is also perfect for strengthening security in private rooms. Nearly 100% of vision can be blocked for 24 hours a day, meaning no one can see into your valuable goods. This will help deter burglars from breaking in, improving the security of your building day and night.

Most businesses don’t want customers being able to see any constructions which are going on before they are complete. Therefore, our black and white window film serves as the ideal solution. We can also print any design or logo onto blackout and whiteout vinyl, meaning you have the option to promote your business whilst also maintaining a sense of privacy. 

One Way or the Highway: The Solution to Your Business’ Privacy

The clue is in the name. The major benefit of one way window film is that it allows you to achieve privacy on one side of the glass without blocking daylight from the other. Ultimately, this mirrored effect means that you will be able to see out but others won’t be able to see in. 

The one way window film product is perfect for businesses and offices who operate on a main road or are surrounded by frequent passersby. Closing the blinds may be the only means you have of stopping your office turning into a fishbowl. This will, of course, stop the benefits of natural light and ruin the view outside. Therefore, Evowrap’s maintenance-free, one-sided window solution is the ideal choice for offering daytime privacy without spoiling your view. Mirrored window films and reflective window films are also available to add an aesthetic quality to your privacy.

Security offices, CCTV monitoring rooms and other areas of high-security can benefit from our one window film solution. By keeping the vision out of your property, whilst maintaining crystal clear vision from the inside, this form of window film offers the unequivocal answer to high-security operations.

Whilst one way window film has a whole host of reasons why it is the ultimate solution to your business’ privacy, it is not without limitations. Essentially, the product will only work if it is significantly brighter on the inside than it is outside. For example, if you wanted to be able to see out of your office window but stop bypassers looking in, then it would need to be at least 3 times brighter on the street than in your office space. The result of this brightness ratio will be that of a one-way vision effect is produced, meaning one way window film usually only works during the daytime. 

Going Private Today

Is one way window film or blackout window film the answer to your business’ privacy needs? If you’re interested in securing your business’ privacy, then simply request a free, no-obligation quote or contact our expert team with any further queries. With over 17 years of experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time with Evowrap window film company.


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