A Bit About Us

Our Story

“Evowrap is a family run
business that focuses on the customer first.  I’ve been in the film and vinyl
industry for over 17 years and it’s changed a lot.  We strive to stay in front
of the pack. I see us as a one stop specialist for anyone looking for vinyl or
film installation.  Whether for a vehicle, home or large commercial business we
offer expert products at reasonable prices.  From professional installation to a DIY kit delivered straight to your door.  Our aim is to be a one stop specialist for anything film of vinyl related.

Paul Foster
Managing Director


My story and Evowraps story are entwined.  Here’s a brief history of where I started and where Evowrap started.  A brief rundown of our history so far.

March 1998:  The journey begins

I started working as a trainee window film installer at a local window film company.  I worked my way up to be the head installer and eventually gained a management role in the company.

May 2004:  I started my first business installing window film

I spread my wings and started my first window film installation business. We only installed to residential and commercial properties.  At this point we don’t offer any automotive services.

August 2004: worldwide window film supplier

The internet was a little newer back then.  However we build a website and started selling film worldwide.  Now, we didn’t just sell window film to local companies.  Now we supplied window film across the globe through a number of sales channels. We became one of the biggest suppliers of window film across europe.

October 2004: started to offer car window tinting to our customers

We moved to a larger premises, which allowed us to offer a car window tinting service to customers in a clean and professional unit.

September 2011:  added vehicle wrapping to our portfolio

After putting myself and staff through a number of wrapping training courses and successfully passing, we offered a wrapping services to customers.  This grew very quickly, especially over recent years.

October 2012:  invested in state of the art printers and laminators

We invested in a wide format printer, cutter and laminator. This allowed us to design and print our own wraps, signs, window film and wallpaper.

January 2015:  started supplying and installing cover styl’ interior finishes

A new type of vinyl has hit the market in the last few years.  This is designed specifically for the residential and commercial market.  The wrap is for interior finishes.  In January 2015 i attended Cover Styl’ Paris training center and successfully passed their approved installer program.  We offer the full range of vinyls from Cover Styl’ and 3M Di-Noc.

Present day:  where are we at today?


We now specialise in window film, wrapping, car tints and signs & graphics. If it’s related to sticky films or adhesive, we can do it. With the added benefit of in house printing, we now offer a superb streamlined and professional service to customers. Myself and my staff have all undergone extensive training which continues today.  We are constantly striving for the best techniques to offer the best finishes.