Cover Styl' Fabric Effect Vinyl Wrap

Why replace when you can upgrade with a Cover Styl’ architectural vinyl wrap. Add a fabric effect to you walls, furniture or doors. Better & more durable than painting. Suitable for most surfaces. Free delivery with every order.

Buy Cover Styl’ fabric effect vinyl wrap for your next renovation project

Are you looking to change or upgrade your interior quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank?  Then look no further than an architectural fabric effect vinyl wrap from Cover Styl’. Cover Styl’ is a self-adhesive vinyl. I wrap many different surfaces and contours.  Now you can add a beautiful fabric effect to your existing furniture, doors or walls. Our fabric vinyl wrap has a real feel textured finish.  It gives a modern, attractive appearance.  Install Cover Styl’ fabric wrap without the need to replace anything.  Not only does it save you money, but also an enormous disruption.  No sawing and chopping.  No clouds of dust.  Install the wrap in the morning and use the room in the afternoon.  In this modern era, the planet is coming under tremendous stress.  One of the causes of this is the mass of rubbish going to landfill.  Reduce your carbon footprint by installing a Cover Styl’ fabric wrap.

This fabric effect vinyl is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.  Available in a variety of different fabric effects and colours.  We also offer a wide range of Cover Styl’ vinyl, including wood, natural stone, leather, marble, metallic, gloss and matte.  We also offer nationwide installation of all of our architectural vinyl wraps.

This fabric vinyl wrap is available to buy by the meter (the minimum order is 2 metres).  Keep your old furniture, doors, wardrobes and reception desks – just wrap them instead. The uses are limitless.

Why is Cover Styl’ the best choice for a fabric effect vinyl wrap?

  • Amazing quality. This vinyl ranges from 200-350 microns thick.  This thickness makes it a lot more durable than car wraps and standard sign vinyl.  Due to this durability, Cover Styl’ can offer ten years warranty when installed correctly.  This warranty covers delamination, cracking and yellowing.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. More importantly, it is anti-bacterial. The film is rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), as well as being UV, moisture and fire-resistant.
  • Can be installed to 3D or flat surfaces. Most of the Cover Styl’ range has up to 15% stretch to adapt to many surfaces.  Just look out for the “heat stretchable” icon on the product page.
  • Easier to install due to its state of the art air release channels within the adhesive. These channels make it easier to remove air from behind the vinyl.  Makes it easier to remove bubbles and invisible once installed.
  • Many of the wraps are textured to create an authentic, realistic feel.
  • Massive range with many different colours, textures and patterns. Hundreds of different options.
  • 100% printable. That’s right we can print directly onto the material to add logos, text, images. We can print any design that you require.
  • Uses on walls, desks, doors, floors, chairs, windows, tables, storage areas
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