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DIY Car Window Tint

Easy Shrink Charcoal DIY car window tint. Designed and manufactured to make heat shrinking much easier than standard cheap tints. This range is a professional grade, premium window tint. It is a much higher quality than cheaper tints imported from Asia. Those cheaper tints tend to have a purple tint to them and fade very quickly. This is the exact car tint that we install every day and provides your vehicle with a rich and deep charcoal colour comes in a range of shades.

Some benefits of DIY car window tint include:

  • Can be used on all cars, vans boats and planes
  • Reduces harmful ultra-violet rays by up to 99%
  • Shades children and pets
  • Aids security by hiding storage areas (5% shade)
  • Reduces glare, making driving more comfortable
  • Reduces fading of your vehicle’s interior

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