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Car Tint For Windows & Headlights

Professional quality car, headlight and tail light tint. Save money by installing the tint yourself. Use the tint that the pros use with special fade resistance. Free delivery with every order.

Buy car tint for windows & headlights online today with free delivery.Buy car tint like what the pros use.  The car tint that you buy from your local car shop is generally the lowest grade tint that you can buy.  This tint is cheaply made and overpriced.  Ever wondered why it looks purple in certain lights  It’s the cheap dye that’s used in the adhesive to give it the tint.  Professional car tint installers stay well clear of that.  Now you have the chance to buy the same car tint for your windows, headlights & tail lights that the professionals use.  We use this tint day in day out on customers cars and have thousands of happy customers.  Don’t forget, if you prefer to have the work done for you, we install car window tint & headlight/tail light tint.  Our tint shop is in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and we cover Birmingham, Worcester & surrounding locations.  You can benefit from the lifetime warranty when we install the tint!Car tint for your windows and lights…You can buy window car tint on a roll.  Just choose the best width for your installation and how many meters you want.  We have a choice of shades ranging from limo dark to ultra light.  This is the most cost-effective way to buy car tint for your windows.  You can also buy headlight & tail light tint in the same way.  We have a range of different colours and shades as well as the popular fly eyes.  These are all available in a variety of sizes to fit any lights.  If you have a few cars to tint you can also buy these in full rolls.Save time and get a perfect finish with our pre-cut car tint kitsIf you’re looking to tint your car windows but don’t want the hassle of cutting the tint down yourself you can order one of our pre-cut window tint kits.  These kits are available for all the leading manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Vauxhall & VW.  There are thousands of different kits for many models, years and chassis type.  Save money by tinting the car yourself but avoid the difficult job of cutting down the tint to fit.  The kits are computer cut so you get a perfect factory edge just like the pros.  this can literally halve the time of the installation and avoids costly mistakes,  Pre-cut from the same window tint as the pros use.Installation instructionsAll our car tint for windows and lights all come with instructions and helpful how-to videos.  In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we now provide these by email to view and download online.  This is instead of including a paper copy.  Printable versions are available from the link we provide if you’d prefer that.  We also only provide digital copies of invoices unless you request otherwise.Free delivery on all our car tintAll of our car tints come with free delivery and 60-day returns.  If you want the tint super fast you can always upgrade to next day delivery.   Don forget to add some installation tools if you haven got any at home.

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