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Anti shatter Window Film

Buy anti shatter window film and protect your family or colleagues from injury from broken glass.  A smashed window can cause severe cuts and lacerations. Flying shards of glass can be particularly dangerous. In the worst cases, it has been known to cause death. Anti shatter film holds the glass in place when it is broken to stop it shattering. ...Read More

Our anti shatter window film has been tested to British & European Safety Standards (BS EN12600 – formerly BS 6206).  As a result, it brings glass in line with health and Safety in the Workplace regulation 14. The film is self-adhesive.  You can install the film with a few hand tools. It’s a clean installation procedure providing the window isn’t too dirty. You install the film with the glass in-situ. There’s no need to remove the glass.  Our film is an excellent choice for homes and businesses.

Anti shatter window film is available in a variety of thicknesses.  These films can be used for safety, security and even bomb blast protection.

Furthermore, all of our anti-shatter films stop 99% of UV rays. Because of this, it helps to reduce fading of your furnishings caused by the sun.

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