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Decorative Window Film

Looking to add a splash of colour to your windows? Need to create privacy but want something stylish? Buy our made to measure decorative window film and add some style to your glass.  We” cut the film to the exact size of your windows.  It comes in a variety of printed or cut-out designs.  We also have an extensive range of decorative films available on a roll.  You can also choose from a transparent design that still allows vision through.  Or you can select a privacy version.

The film is self- adhesive so you don’t need any messy glue.  Furthermore, there’s no need to remove the window to install it.  In fact, we recommend installing the film with the window in-situ.  The films maintenance free, all it needs is a wipe every 6 to 12 months.  You can fit the film with a few hand tools.   All are available in our installation kits.

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