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Blackout Privacy Film

Create total privacy day and night with blackout privacy film.  It provides 100% privacy from both sides.  It also stops 99% to 100% of the light depending on the chosen film.  The gloss black version prevents all the light.  It’s ideal for photographic dark rooms and other light sensitive installations.  The white version stops 99% of the sunlight.  It’s great at reducing the light but not blocking all of it.  The final version is silver out.  This film also blocks 99% of the light.  It creates total privacy on internal installations.  However, when installed were sunlight is on the other side then it can sometimes be possible to see through the film.

Blackout privacy films can be installed using a few hand tools (available in our installation kits).  Blackout films are installed without the need to remove the glass.  It’s self-adhesive, so no messy glue is required.  All the films are durable and fade resistant.  They come with ten years warranty.  The installation is a very clean process (providing the glass isn’t dirty).  When installed you can relax as it’s maintenance free.  All it needs is a wipe every 6-12 months.

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