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Frosted Window Film

Buy frosted window film to create ‘frosted glass’ with ease.  It’s the perfect choice if you want to block vision without blocking the natural light.  Frosted film gives a sandblasted etched effect to the glass.  ...Read More

It provides a modern and hygienic alternative to net curtains and blinds.  Frosted window film is self-adhesive, no messy glue is needed.  The films installed with the glass in-situ.  You can buy it by the metre or cut to the exact size of your windows.  You can choose to have a bespoke pattern cut out of the film or have a printed design on it.  As the film is moisture resistant, it is ideal for bathrooms, storerooms, offices and any secure area.  The film just needs 1-2 days to dry before you get it wet.  Our frosted glass films require very little maintenance, just a quick wipe over every 6-12 months.

Our frost window film is available in matte white, bronze or grey.  The white version allows the most amount of light through.  The grey allows the least amount of light.  All three options give a sandblasted effect on the glazing.

Or, choose our frosted etched vinyl.  Available in a standard version or with an advanced bubble free technology.  The bubble-free version has small channels in the adhesive which allows water and air to escape.  We guarantee you’ll never get a bubble if you follow the instructions.  Both versions also have a thick paper backing liner which many people find easier to handle than standard window films.

If you want to create privacy and reduce the suns heat and glare, then our silver frosted window film is a perfect choice. The film combines a grey frost on the inside which provides the 24/7 privacy.  On the external face, it has a silver mirror which reflects the suns heat, glare and UV rays.  It also gives the mirrored exterior day and night.  It is not dependant on the lighting conditions.

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