Black Patterned

Sleek black privacy. We offer two different black decorative window films, matrix and celest.
Not sure what we mean by those names?
Read more to find out the facts.

Are you wondering how to separate your space whilst keeping a clean finish? Matrix is a black decorative film with a repeating pattern of tiny dots. This film is perfect for bathrooms and glass partitions. Do you still want the dots but fancy it white? We’ve got you covered. Our dotties film is similar to matrix but with bigger circles and more space between them.

Are you feeling classy? Celest is your new best friend. A black film with flower motifs throughout. This film crafts you a glamourous space that you’re bound to love. Are flowers more of your focus? Our floral window films may blossom your interests.

All of our DIY window films are suitable for self-installation. We have installation guides available as well as a full range of installation tools. Don’t worry if you’d rather not install the film yourself. Our friendly installers are always on hand. We offer nationwide decorative window film installation for residential and commercial customers.

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