Sophisticated privacy with a cubic design. Tecno, Decorum, Small Frosted Blocks, Big Frosted Blocks and Frosted Spectrum, our five available designs, present you with 4-sided shapes full of privacy. Not sure what we mean by those names? Read more to find out the facts.

Tecno offers privacy with a solid frost film with clear 3 x 3cm squares patterned throughout. Ideal for bathrooms and offices. An excellent space separator whilst offering high levels of seclusion. 

Decorum promises a sleek finish with white frosting and a repeating pattern of clear lines. Perfect for use in hotel lobbies and restaurants. This film creates an exclusive feel to any area. 

Our duo of frosted block films offer privacy in small and big blocks small and big blocks. Our pair of frosted block films offer privacy with their uniform patterned designs. Small frosted blocks is a master at creating area separation without an isolated feeling. Big frosted blocks encompass a much more significant amount of privacy than their small counterpart. This makes them ideal for areas that need lots of privacy without making you feel boxed in.

Frosted Spectrum wields stripes of squares with alternating gradients to bring you comfort. It offers maximum privacy due to its near opaque nature. This film is perfect for areas requiring high privacy levels but can’t afford to lose light.

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