Frosted Patterned

There isn’t much better than a white finish on a window. Brace yourself for our immense range of patterned window films.

Our premier frosted patterned films are Classic and Vitra, the original pioneers of decorative room separation. Vitra holds its head high with a uniform shattered polygonal design, whilst Classic brings random hair-like squiggles and swirls.

Tecno, Decorum, Small Frosted Blocks, Big Frosted Blocks and Frosted Spectrum present you with 4-sided shapes full of privacy. Tecno offers privacy with a solid frost film with clear 3 x 3cm squares patterned throughout. Decorum promises a sleek finish with white frosting and a repeating pattern of clear lines. Available in small and big blocks, our duo of frosted block films offers privacy with their uniform patterned designs. Frosted Spectrum wields stripes of squares with alternating gradients.

Vision, Boreal and Bold Stripe harness the power of straight lines to bring you cutting-edge comfort. For horizontal lines, look no further than Vision and Bold Stripe. Opposite to the rest but performing the best, Boreal offers vertical privacy. 

The iconic Winnie the Pooh and friends bring peace to parents and children alike with their privacy-promising window films. Available in clouds and leaves designs, children are bound to love these films.

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