Do you need a straight-edge partitioning window film? Our range of striped window films have you covered. Look no further than Vision, Frosted Spectrum and Bold Stripe for horizontal lines. Opposite to the rest but performing the best, Boreal offers vertical privacy. Not sure what we mean by those names? Read more to find out the facts.

Perfect for offices and homes alike. Our vision window film blocks out; well, it blocks out vision. Possesses a repeating stripe pattern with a gradient from solid white to clear. This film allows high light levels to exist whilst optimising comfort and privacy.

Frosted Spectrum wields stripes of squares with alternating gradients to bring you comfort. It offers maximum privacy due to its near opaque nature. This film is perfect for areas requiring high privacy levels but can’t afford to lose light.

Bold stripe is a white window film with 18mm stripes traversing horizontally across the film’s length. The design of this film gives the same effect as blinds whilst providing partial privacy. The spacing between solid strips achieves high light levels—the perfect alternative to old net curtains.

Our premier vertically striped window film. Boreal uses 4cm wide, frosted gradient lines to create partial privacy anywhere it’s installed. This film is an excellent alternative to old net curtains to keep a room bright by allowing most natural light to pass through.

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