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One Way Vision Window Film

A common question that we get asked is "can we stop people looking into our property without stopping us from looking out?". The answer is yes. Evowrap one way vision window film is perfect for homes and businesses that want to create daytime privacy. It's fantastic if your property is close to a path or busy road that passers-by can easily view. It's ideal for your business if you want to stop unwelcome eyes overlooking your sensitive areas. It allows natural light to pass through and still lets you see out of the windows. You need one side of the window to be brighter than the other. You can achieve this when there's artificial light on the inside and sunlight on the other side. Under these conditions, the film provides the daytime privacy you crave. One way films create a mirror on your window's brighter side and add a tint to the inside. Evowrap glass films all have a scratch-resistant coating to keep it looking good for years to come. Most one way films have ten years warranty. It's also moisture resistant, so can be used in wet rooms. You'll need to leave the film to dry before it gets wet. It's excellent for wet areas, once dried.

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Protection levels

The amount of heat protection that you'll receive from the film. Based on the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)

  • 5 star = 80% to 100%
  • 4 star = 60% to 80%
  • 3 star = 40% to 60%
  • 2 star = 20% to 40%
  • 1 star = 0% to 20%

These figures are guidelines. They are based on tests carried out on 4mm thick single glazed units.


The amount of dazzling glare that the tint reduces.

  • 5 star = 80% to 100%
  • 4 star = 60% to 80%
  • 3 star = 40% to 60%
  • 2 star = 20% to 40%
  • 1 star = 0% to 20%

These figures are guidelines. Results may differ, depending on the installation.

  • 5 star = 99% to 100%
  • 4 star = 95% to 99%
  • 3 star = 65% to 95%
  • 2 star = 35% to 65%
  • 1 star = 0% to %35

The amount of dazzling glare that the tint reduces.

  • 5 star = 75% to 100%
  • 4 star = 55% to 75%
  • 3 star = 45% to 55%
  • 2 star = 25% to 45%
  • 1 star = 0% to 25%

These figures are guidelines. There's too many factors that go into fading. Results may differ, depending on the conditions.

  • 5 star = Highest protection such as higher level protection if there's the risk of explosions
  • 4 star = Excellent protection such as to make the glass more secure against breaking and explosions
  • 3 star = Good protection such as to make the glass safe
  • 2 star = Minimal protection - all window films offer a very slight protection
  • 1 star = No protection

The amount of light that the film allows through.

  • 5 star = 80% to 100%
  • 4 star = 50% to 80%
  • 3 star = 20% to 50%
  • 2 star = 5% to 20%
  • 1 star = 0% to 5%
  • 5 star = Total privacy - doesn't change day or night
  • 4 star = Excellent privacy - provides daytime privacy
  • 3 star = Good Privacy - The film provides partial privacy by reducing vision
  • 2 star = Minimal privacy - the film has a medium tint or colour
  • 1 star = Poor privacy - the film may have a slight tint which darkens the glass
  • 0 star = No privacy - completely transparent or a minimal tint
Films suitable for

Shows the type of glass that the film is suitable for. If the film is not suitable then this does not mean you can't install it!


Most wraps are conformable which means they can be heated and then stretched around complex curves and shapes. None conformable means they are only suitable for flat surfaces. It may still be possible to wrap complex curves but a different technique may be required. Check with us before purchasing if you are unsure.

Vehicle wraps

How will one way vision window film look?

The film gives a mirrored appearance on the outside, the brighter side. One way films work just like a mirror you have in your bathroom. It has a silver mirrored appearance, and you will see a reflection of yourself and your surroundings. Other colours are available. These turn the silver mirror into a green, blue, gold or bronze mirror. From the inside looking out, you’ll see a tint. The colour of the tint depends on the colour of the window film you choose.

Don’t want to install the film yourself?

Don’t worry we can install it for you.  If you don’t fancy installing the film yourself, then don’t worry. Our installers cover the whole of the UK. Why not get a quote today?

Is one way film hard to install?

“Is the film hard to install?” is a common question that we get asked. It depends on the individual, but generally, you should find this relatively easy to install if you have decent DIY skills. One of the most common mistakes without fail is customers don’t read our instructions thoroughly and miss a step. All Evowrap films are self-adhesive. You won’t need any messy glue. It’s got a clear backing liner that protects the adhesive until you’re ready to install it to the glass. The procedure is a clean and tidy install unless your windows are filthy. You’ll need some simple hand tools and plenty of soapy water.

Get your film cut to size for an easier install!

You can buy our film on a roll. Just choose the width you require and pick how many meters you need. You then need to cut the film to size. Now you have the option to choose to have your film cut to size. Choose what unit you’ve taken the measurements. You can select mm, cm or inches. Add the width and height of the pane of glass. Enter how many panes are that size. Add it to the basket and then continue this until all the glass you want to tint are in your basket. You’ll receive the glass film computer cut.

Will it make the room dark?

The film does have to reduce some natural light to create a privacy window. This is one of our customers biggest concerns. 95% of customers tell us “it’s a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be. I was worried it was going to make the room dark”. It indeed reduces the natural light. Think back to the last time we had a bit of sun, and you put your sunglasses on. It removed the natural light to your eyes, but you quickly adjust. After very little time you don’t even notice the tint on the glasses. The film works in the same way. The only time you may find that it makes the room too dark is if you only have a small window in the room. If there’s very little natural light already coming into your room, the film could make the room feel a little dark. If this is the case, you could opt for a frosted window film that lets in loads of natural light but blocks vision both ways. You won’t be able to see out either.

Will it work at night?

One way films create excellent daytime privacy. They don’t typically work at night, but some tips and tricks can make it work. You need one side to be three times brighter (3:1 light ratio) than the other side for the glass film to work. That’s unless you choose ultimate one way which only needs a 2:1 light ratio. When artificial light is on one side and sunlight on the other, you’ll typically find the film works well. As it gets dark outside and the lights are on inside the effect will start to reverse.

To make the film work at night here’s a couple of things you could do:

  1. Install some lighting outside. Point the lights at the windows. Make sure that the light output is 40% brighter than the internal lighting. You may need to test this and add even more lighting to make the film work.
  2. Reduce the light level in the property. Turn your lights off or install lower lighting. If there are street lights outside the property, you may find that the film still gives you one way privacy.

Do I install the film inside or outside?

As with all window films, it’s better to install the film internally.

  • It’s easier for you to install the film inside without any wind
  • You’ll get less contamination. No matter how much you clean the glass, you’ll never get as good install outside as inside. Small particles of dust are floating around in the air. These will always find a way onto the glass when you’re outdoors. There are ways that you can use to minimise this. It’s impossible to eliminate it.
  • You get a better warranty. Most internal films come with 7-12 years warranty. Most internal films come with three years warranty
  • Internal films are not as expensive as the external versions. So it makes sense to use the internal version.

So, it makes sense to install the film internally. But what if you can’t install the film on the inside? If you can’t get to the inside of the windows, you can choose the external version. These usually have three years of warranty unless you choose a premium version with ten years of guarantee.

Glass compatibility – on what glass can I install the film?

It’s essential to check the glass compatibility information on our products. These reflective window films reflect a lot of solar heat and also absorb some. This means that it can cause the glass to crack in extreme cases if you install it on non-compatible glass.

What are my other privacy options?

If daytime privacy just isn’t enough for you.  Or if you have the wrong lighting conditions for a mirrored film to work then you have some other great privacy window film options.

Excellent solar control protection

All window films are excellent solar control window films. These can stop over 80% of solar heat and glare. They all block over 99% of UV rays too. These rays are the main reason that your furnishings begin to fade when they are near a window. Keep cooler, reflect dazzling glare, reduce fading and add one way privacy. There’s so much to love about an Evowrap glass film.

Buy with confidence

Choose Evowrap one way vision window film for total peace of mind. All Evowrap window films come with extensive warranties ranging from 7 to 12 years. Our friendly staff offer state-of-the-art customer services. You get a 60-day return with all our products and free delivery when you spend over £50, what’s not to love.

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