Anti UV Window Film for Fade Protection

Reflect ultra violet (UV) rays. These are harmful to your skin and your furnishings. Our window film help to reduce fading from the sun on your home or shop window displays. Free delivery with every order.

Buy UV window film to reducing fading in your home, shop or office.

UV window film stops 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. It protects interior furnishings from fading from the sun. UV film can be used in homes and offices to protect furniture and carpets. UV glass film comes in a variety of tints and shades. These range from optically clear, to light, medium and dark tints.

Store owners often use UV window film to protect window displays. In summer months these displays can fade very quickly and need to be replaced to keep them looking good. By reducing the rate at which these displays fade, you can keep it looking better for longer. It reduces the frequency you need to rotate the stock, resulting in you saving money. Although we have a clear UV film which is suitable, we recommend Coolclear Anti-fade. Coolclear AF has a very light tint which is light enough to allow perfect vision through the glass. It offers extra performance than the clear version. We recommend Clear UV window film for museums and galleries. Typically museums are very strict on having no tint on their displays. For customers who are looking for maximum fade protection, we recommend a film with a dark tint such as Natural 20 or a reflective window film. The reason for this is that UV is not the only cause of fading. UV is the leading cause of fading, but solar heat and glare are also significant contributors. By installing a film which stops UV, heat and glare, you can improve the fade protection

UV window film is self-adhesive. You fit the film internally (limited range of external options available). It’s installed to the glass while it’s in situ, no need to remove the windows. The installation is clean. You can install the film with minimal disruption. Solar film can be removed at a later date if you lease your property.

Benefits of UV film

  • Reduce harmful UV rays by over 99%
  • Protect furnishings, window displays and flooring from fading from the
  • Protect occupants with UV sensitive skin conditions

Why buy UV window film from Evowrap?

So you’ve done your research. You’ve decided that DIY UV window film is going to be the right choice. Finally, you’ve decided to save some money and install the film yourself. Now, your question is…why buy UV window film from Evowrap?

I’d like to say that you’d choose us due to our vast experience in the UV glass film industry. Or maybe because we are a friendly, family-run business. Perhaps it’s because of our fantastic free delivery and returns policy. Or that our UV films are of the highest quality (most of our films come with ten years or more warranty). For 90% of customers, price is the most important thing. That’s not to say that the other benefits of choosing Evowrap are not significant. Luckily, we tick all the boxes.   I’m happy to say that our prices are incredibly competitive. We may not compete with companies selling budget tint.  Nor would we want to.  These cheap films fade quickly and come with little, to no warranty. Our window films are premium quality tints that come with extensive warranties.  We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50. We provide fast delivery to the UK and Europe at excellent prices. For your peace of mind, we offer 60 days returns with every purchase.

  • Free delivery
  • Low-cost next day and European delivery
  • 60-day returns
  • Highest quality products
  • Extensive warranty
  • We have years of experience
  • Friendly staff
  • Freephone customer support

Why not let Evowrap install your UV film for you?

Many people like to have a go at installing UV glass film themselves to save money. However, if you’d prefer to remove the hassle, we can fit your UV film for you.  We install UV window film across the UK.  We have decades of experience. We work out how much film you require. You’ll benefit from an extended warranty for total peace of mind.

Our highly-trained window film installers cover the whole of the UK.  No job is too small. We offer nationwide residential and commercial installation.

What tools do you need to install your UV glass film?

When you place an order, we will provide you with your own dedicated installation guide area.  Here you can download instructions and watch videos on how to install the film. We have stopped including paper versions to help reduce our carbon footprint.  The essential tools that you’ll need are:

  • Sharp knife – this is usually a scalpel type knife or a 9mm retractable knife with a snap-off blade.  Snap-off blades help to keep the edge nice and sharp.
  • Spray bottle with a slip solution inside – this can be a manual or trigger sprayer.  Fill it with cold water and a couple of drops of Johnsons Baby Shampoo or a Fairy washing up liquid (other good quality liquids may be suitable, but you would need to test them first).
  • Glass scraper or scrubby pad – this removes ingrained dirt, grease etc. to make sure the glass is perfectly clean.
  • Squeegee – you’ll need a squeegee to help clean the glass – this can be any type of squeegee.  However, for installing the UV film, you’ll need a dedicated squeegee that has a harder rubber edge to help get the window film flat on the glass and remove all of the water.
  • Other tools could be – if the windows are high up, then access equipment might be needed.  For some windows, another pair of hands may be necessary.    A second installer can be essential for large windows.  If it’s challenging to get to the window, then a specialist squeegee may be required.

We have a full range of window tinting tools which include most of the tools you will require a well as handy installation kits.

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