Anti Graffiti Glass Film

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Protect your glass against graffiti and scratching. Instead of having to replace the glass, simply remove and replace the film.

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Our clear Anti-Graffiti Glass Film protects your glazing against graffiti, etching and scratches. It’s expensive to replace your glass, just replace the film instead. It’s thick enough to take a lot of punishment. It’s special adhesive makes it easily removable leaving no residue for up to 9 months. After 9 months it’s still very easy to remove but a small amount of cleaning may be necessary. The film is completely clear to the eye.

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Protects glass against graffiti and etching
  • Protect against scratching from pets
  • Thick enough to take punishment
  • Special adhesive makes it easy to remove and replace
  • Self-adhesive

Don’t forget to check the suitability before purchasing, by clicking here. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.

Glass Suitability

Please refer to this chart to see if our Anti-Graffiti Window Film is suitable for installation onto your type of surface. If your surface is not listed or you’d like additional information, please contact us.

All Toughened Glass Yes
Clear Single Pane Yes
Tinted Single Pane Yes
Clear Double Pane Yes
Tinted Double Pane Yes
Low-E Clear Double Pane Yes
Clear Laminated Single Pane Yes
Clear Laminated Double Pane Yes
Polycarbonate Yes

Technical Specs

These are the basic characteristics for the Anti-Graffiti Window Film. If you need additional information, please contact us.

Colour Clear
Product Type Glass Protection
Thickness 175 microns
Scratch Resistant Yes
Warranty 10 Years*
Inside Application Yes
Outside Application Yes
Application Surface Glass

*When fitted by an Evowrap installer.

This is the performance data for the Anti-Graffiti Window Film, as applied to 3mm clear glass. If you need additional information, please contact us.

UV Rejected up to 99%
Visible Light Transmission up to 82%


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