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Audi A4 Pre Cut Car Window Tint Kit

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Pre cut car window tint for the Audi A4 . Computer cut to the exact measurements needed to fit your car.

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Make your life easier with our pre-cut car window tint kits. Computer cut to the exact shape needed to install on your Audi A4. The window tint is a premium grade product used by professionals all over the world. The auto film is self-adhesive and can be shrunk to fit complex curves. It’s guaranteed not to turn purple or fade after 12 months like cheaper tints. The tint is made to last.

Why choose a pre cut car window tint kit?

  • Computer cut means it will have a professional factory finish
  • Makes it a lot quicker to install
  • Less chance to mess up

Choose from the following options for your Audi A4:

  • 2 Door Convertible 2005-2008
  • 4 Door Saloon 2016-Present
  • 4 Door Saloon 1994-2001
  • 4 Door Saloon 2002-2005
  • 4 Door Saloon 2005-2008
  • 4 Door Saloon 2008-2016
  • Estate 1994-2001
  • Estate 2002-2005
  • Estate 2008-2016
  • Estate 2016-Present

Front Kit or Rear Kit?

You can add the front windows and/or the rear windows for your car.

Front windows: This will include the front driver and passenger side windows. It will include the window down windows and any small quarter panel in front of that (if applicable).

Rear windows: This will include all the windows behind the front seats. It will include the rear screen and any boot or rear side windows. It will only include tints for any glass windows. If the windows are plastic they will not be included.

Choice of shades: Choose any from our available five Shades.

  • 5% Limo
  • 20% Dark
  • 35% Medium
  • 50% Light
  • 70% Ultra Light

Note: 5% limo is the darkest. This is the best for privacy.