High Reflective Blue Window Film

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Blue tint looking out, blue mirror from the other side.  Creates one way vision privacy.  Stops a high amount of solar heat, glare and UV rays.

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Blue reflective window film is one of the best performing films for solar control and privacy.  It is excellent at reducing a large amount of solar heat, glare and UV rays.  It has the added benefit of being a one way vision window film under the correct lighting conditions.  This film is widely used on homes, businesses and conservatory roofs.  Keep your room cool in the summer by reflecting the sun’s heat. Reflects bright sunlight so you no longer need to strain your eyes to view the computer or TV screen. It has a high reflective tint which gives it excellent performance.  As well as reducing solar heat and glare it helps to stop the sun fading your properties interior.  This film helps your air conditioning unit to work better.  You’ll save money on your air con bills.  Creates a more comfortable environment.  This is a great choice for conservatory roofs which can be unbearable in warmer months.  Blue reflective film gives you instant and dramatic results.

This reflective window film has a blue tint.  It allows vision out during the day.  It may give a mirrored appearance from the outside but this depends on the lighting conditions.  As such this one way window film can be used for daytime privacy.  It allows you to see out but stops people from seeing in. To create a one way vision effect this film needs a 3:1 light ratio.  This means it needs to be three times brighter outside than it is inside.  If it’s three times brighter outside than inside then you will be able to see out and people won’t be able to see in.  This means that the following conditions normally need to be met to get a 3:1 light ratio for the film to work correctly.  All the windows in the room are covered.  It’s daytime.  The outside of the glass is not shaded from the sun.

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Create one way vision privacy during the day
  • Stops solar heat & glare
  • Stops up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Slows down fading caused by the sun
  • Blue from the outside, blue tint from the inside.
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive

Glass Suitability

Please refer to this chart to see if our Blue Reflective Window Film is suitable for installation onto your type of glass. If your glass is not listed or you’d like additional information, please contact us.

All Toughened Glass Yes
Clear Single Pane Yes
Tinted Single Pane No
Clear Double Pane No
Reflective Tinted Double Pane No
Low-E Clear Double Pane No
Clear Laminated Single Pane No
Clear Laminated Double Pane No
Polycarbonate No

Technical Specs

Visible light transmission 12%
Glare reduction 86%
Approx. fade reduction (clear single glazed) 78%
Total solar energy rejected 72%
Privacy – Daytime only in the correct lighting conditions
Colour Blue


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