Bomb Blast Protection Window Film


Bomb Blast Protection Film is the thickest of the anti-shatter films and helps to stop glass from shattering. Excellent security and offers protection against bomb blast devastation.

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Explosion shattering a window which is in need of blast protection window film
damaged windows after a bomb blast which should of had bomb blast protection film installed
a roll of clear bomb blast protection film


Buy bomb blast protection film to protect against the threat of terrorist attack or an explosion. When a bomb goes off or something explodes, it’s generally the shrapnel that causes the most injury. Shattered glass forms thousands of dagger-like shards of glass travelling at high speed. This causes severe injury and death. Bomb blast window film protects you against this threat. The film holds the glass in place when fitted correctly. On some frames, you may need a retention system in order to hold the film and glass to the frame. The film also protects against injury caused by broken glass during storms or other impacts. As the film is clear it offers a better alternative to security grills. It’s virtually invisible when installed. The film has an added benefit of stopping 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It protects your interior from fading caused by the sun. The film has got a scratch-resistant coating to keep it looking good for years to come. It is sticky backed so no messy glue is needed for a clean installation.Due to the thickness of the film it is recommended to pre-cut the film before installing using a sharp knife

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Makes glass shatterproof
  • Helps to protect glass against explosions
  • 12 mil (12/1000th) thick
  • Virtually invisible when installed
  • Stops 99% of UV rays
  • Protects interior from fading caused by the sun
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive

Don’t forget to check the suitability before purchasing. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.


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