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Light Reflective Silver Window Film

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Light reflective silver window film is the perfect choice if you want to reduce solar heat and glare but maintain the maximum amount of natural light. It won’t stop as much heat or glare as our high reflective or medium silver. However, because of it’s lighter tint, it lets in a lot more natural light. It reduces a good amount of solar heat and glare. Keeps you cooler and helps to lower air conditioning bills. Save money and maintain a more comfortable living condition. Light silver reflective window film stops 99% of UV rays. This makes it very good at reducing fading caused by the sun. This film lets in a good amount of natural light.

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Reduces solar heat & glare
  • Stops up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Slows down fading caused by the sun
  • Silver from the outside, neutral tint from the inside.
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive