Natural 50 Solar Control Window Film (Light Tint)


Heat Reduced by up to 24%. Glare Reduced by up to 42%. Allows 47% of light.

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Natural medium tinted window film installed on living room window
Natural 50 lightly tinted window film installed on conservatory door and windows
natural 20 non reflective window film installed on kitchen windows


A natural smoke tinted window film, adds a subtle tint to your windows. This is the lightest film in the natural range. Stops a small amount of solar heat and a medium amount of glare. Lets in a good amount of natural light. This film stops up to 99% of harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. This protects your families skin and protects your furniture, carpets and window displays from fading caused by the sun. This is the lightest film in the natural range and therefore lets in the most amount of visible light. The scratch resistant coating protects your purchase from every day wear and tear and it keeps the film looking good for longer. The film is self-adhesive so you don’t need to worry about creating a mess when you install it.

  • Ideal for homes & business
  • Won’t darken your room
  • Slows down fading caused by the sun
  • Medium glare reduction
  • Low heat rejection
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive


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