Hammer impact on glass with security window film protecting it
Roll of security window film
Hammer impact on glass with security window film protecting it
Roll of security window film

Security Window Film

Secure your property by making the windows stronger. If thieves cannot break your glass they will struggle to get inside and flee. Security window film is a clear shatter-proof coating.



Buy window security film to make your glass strong and much more difficult to break. It’s designed to hold the glass in place and stop it shattering. It can take a very hard hit and can even secure against bomb blast attacks. It’s strong enough to withstand an attack with a brick, crowbar or baseball bat. You can also find a thicker version here but be warned, this thicker version is very hard to install. Window security film is visibly clear, in fact it’s virtually invisible when fitted. As well as shatter proofing your glass the film stops 99% of harmful ultra violet (UV) rays, this protects your properties interior from fading caused by the sun. The film has a scratch resistant coating which keeps the film looking good for years to come. The film is sticky backed meaning there’s no need for messy glues and leaving a nice, clean installation. The film has been tested to British and European standards (BS EN12600 Class 1A1)Ideal for homes & businessesMakes glass shatterproofHelps to protect glass against burglars7 mil (7/1000th) thickInvisible when installedStops 99% of UV raysProtects interiors from fading caused by the sunScratch resistant coatingSticky backedDon’t forget to check the suitability before purchasing. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.


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