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Silver Mirror Window Film

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Creates privacy on your windows. Provides a two way mirror under the correct lighting conditions. Reflects the suns heat, glare and UV rays.

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Create privacy and create a two way mirror with this silver mirror window film. Silver mirror stops 99% of light. When it?s bright outside the film can still allow vision through it but is a mirror from the other side. When installed to internal partitioning it usually provides a mirror on both sides unless one side is a lot brighter than the other. The film reflects the suns heat and glare as well as 99% of harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. It cools down your room in the summer and helps to protect your interior from fading by the sun. Silver mirror can be combined with a black out film to make a solid mirror on one side 24/7. Alternatively Silver frost can be used to give a mirrored appearance on one side 24 hours a day. Silver?mirror window film has a scratch resistant coating to protect against every day wear and tear this keeps the film looking good for years to come. The film is sticky backed making it easier to install and a mess free installation.

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Create privacy under correct lighting
  • Stops 99% of the light
  • Reflects the suns heat and glare
  • Stops up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive

Don?t forget to check the suitability before purchasing. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.