Image showing a thermometer showcasing the excellent showcasing the heat reducing window film compared to untinted
Image to show solar control window film installed to some glass to block out UV rays
Photo demonstrating Ultra Vista window film glare reduction
Photo of Ultra Vista Window Film demonstrating day and night view
How to install solar and one way window film to glass

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Ultra Vista Window Film (Best Performing Solar Control & One Way Privacy)


Our best-performing solar reflective window film for maximum protection against solar heat, glare, UV & Fading.  Special vista costing offers low internal reflection and optimal one way vision privacy.  Has a silver mirrored exterior. Choose your roll size, then cut to the size of your windows at home.

Key Points:

  • Reduces the suns heat by up to 82%
  • Reflects up to 90% of solar glare
  • Blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Can reduce fading buy up to 82%
  • Create a one-way vision effect under the correct light conditions – you can see out they can’t see in
  • Choose between 50, 76, 100 & 152cm wide rolls and lengths of 1 to 30 metres

One of the best performing solar control and one way privacy window films on the planet. Quite a bold statement and not one that’s said lightly Ultra vista is the ultimate one way window film, it’s 33% more effective than a standard one way privacy window film. Add to that amazing protection against solar heat gain, glare and UV rays and your onto a winner.It’s special vista coating is specially designed to reduce internal reflection that you normally get with reflective window films. The traditional reflective mirror window films are great at creating one way privacy. However, Ultimate one way continues working when these classic window films stop working. For most applications, the standard one way window film works perfectly well. Suppose you’re concerned that the lighting conditions may not be quite right (read below on why this is important).Or maybe you want the one way effect to work a little later in the evening.Ultimate one way is the right choice for you. It doesn’t just have a silver mirrored surface on both sides. Instead, it’s got a silver reflective external surface and smoked internally. This internal smoked tint keeps the film working when all others fail.

How does one way privacy window films work?

It’s crucial to read this before you purchase our one way privacy window film as there are limitations on how the glass film works./em> The tint requires the outside of the window to be two times (3:1 light ratio) brighter than the inside of the window.Under these lighting conditions, you will get a perfect one way privacy finish.Most one way films need it to be three times brighter than the other side (4:1 light ratio)

  • One way films only work during the day.When it gets dark out outside, and you have the lights on inside, the effect may be reversed.There’s no way, unfortunately, to have a one way effect that will work at night
  • All windows in the room need to be tinted.Otherwise, the lighting conditions may not be correct.Sometimes the effect will work without tinting all the windows The film generally doesn’t work on internal partitions.
  • If there’s shade outside of the window, then the tint doesn’t always work as well

For a bit more about the physics of one way mirrors check out this article on How Stuff Works

How does one-way film look once installed?

The film will be a silver mirror on the outside. People trying to look in will see a reflection of themselves and their surroundings. When looking out, you’ll see a tint on the glass but will be able to see out clearly. Think of it like putting sunglasses on your windows. This is as long as you have the right lighting conditions.

Block 78% of solar heat and glare

Ultra Vista doesn’t just create privacy. It’s incredibly effective at reducing solar heat and glare. If you’re interested in solar control without privacy then why not check out our range of solar films.

  • Stop up to 80% of the suns heat, keeping you cool in the summer. Stop up to 90% dazzling glare. Makes it easier to watch TV or use a computer./li>

Stop the sun from fading your furnishings

Have you ever moved a rug or sofa which is near the window? The space that’s left is an entirely different colour to the rest of the floor. This can happen all over the house. Wherever there are untreated windows, fading can occur. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the leading cause of this. Ultra Vista stops over 99% of these UV rays. The other leading causes of fading are solar heat and glare which the film also blocks. That’s why Ultimate one way film can reduce fading by up to 60%!

Install it yourself or we can install it for you

Ultra Vista can be installed at home with a few tools. We provide full fitting instructions here. If you don’t fancy installing the film yourself, we offer a one way window film installation service. We offer a full nationwide window film installation service.

Roll Width

, , , ,

Roll Length

Cut to size (L), 1 metre, 2 metres, 3 metres, 4 metres, 5 metres, 6 metres, 7 metres, 8 metres, 9 metres, 10 metres, 11 metres, 12 metres, 13 metres, 14 metres, 15 metres, 16 metres, 17 metres, 18 metres, 19 metres, 20 metres, 21 metres, 22 metres, 23 metres, 24 metres, 25 metres, 26 metres, 27 metres, 28 metres, 29 metres, 30 metres


Visible Light Transmission: 10%
Heat Rejection: 82%
Glare Reduction: 90%
UV Rays Blocked: 99%
Thickness: 50 μ

Warranty: 10 years

The stats above are a guide.  These are based on tests on 4mm thick single glazed windows.


Our film is compatible with the following vertical glass installations.  Please check that the film is compatible with your window before ordering.

Toughened Single Pane 

Clear Yes
Tinted Yes
Reflective tinted Yes

Toughened Double Pane 

Clear Yes
Tinted Yes
Reflective tinted Yes
Gas-filled Yes
Low-E Yes

Un-toughened Single Pane 

Clear Yes
Tinted Caution*
Reflective tinted Yes

Un-toughened Double Pane 

Clear Caution*
Tinted No
Reflective tinted Yes
Gas-filled No
Low-E No
Laminated No

Recommendations provided on the basis of a glazed surface covering up to 2.5m², contact us for definitive details or to obtain a thermal chock analysis report.

*If labelled caution then please contact us before purchasing as we will need additional information to say whether the film is safe to install

How to install

You can view our installation instructions by going to (we no longer send paper copies out in an attempt to cut down waste)



All our window films have a scratch-resistant coating. This is designed to protect the film from day to day contact however this will not protect against being knocked or scratched with sharp, hard or abrasive objects.

Please allow at least seven days for the film to fully dry on the glass before cleaning.


You should use tepid water with a little washing-up liquid to clean the windows once the film has been applied and either a window cleaning applicator, squeegee or soft cloth.

Please do not use products that are abrasive as this will damage the scratch-resistant coating.

Be careful when using window cleaning solutions.  Test on a small area first before using.

3 reviews for Ultra Vista Window Film

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  1. was very impressed by fast delivery and i installed it quickly as instructions were easy to follow it has worked perfectly.

    (2) (1)
  2. Brilliant product, fast delivery. Excellent

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  3. good quality film,easy to follow instructions for fitting. I installed it on both plain & patterned glass with no problems. Cutting @ espeicially trimming hardest part of the job, requires care.

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Q & A

Can the Ultra Vista film be used on triple glazed windows? Jakub asked on 24 April 2024
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Hi, can I check this is applied to the inside of the window, not the outside? jo asked on 13 April 2024

Yes, this is for internal installation. We do have some window films suitable for external application - we have a version of the high reflective silver window film which has an external version

Paul Foster answered on 16 April 2024 store manager
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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing your 'One Way Privacy Window Film'. If I give you the measurements will you be able to cut the film out as required for me? I can just tell that its going to be a rather finicky process to complete myself. Tibs asked on 15 November 2021

Thanks for getting in touch. You have two options. If you click cut to size you can then add the width and length and the quantity of panes at that size. Then keep adding to basket until all the windows are added. Alternatively you can email over the sizes to and we can send over an invoice for the total. You can also call us on 0800 107 7965 and give us the measurements but we would need to email you and get a confirmation back to let us know the sizes are correct so emailing us or using the cut to size form would be the simplest options.

Paul Foster answered on 24 November 2021 store manager
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