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UV Anti Fade Window Film

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A very lightly tinted UV window film that reflects UV rays. Also reflects a small amount of heat and glare. A good performing UV film if you are on a budget.

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This is a very lightly tinted UV window film. It reflects nearly all of the harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. The light tint also reduces the suns heat and glare. These are the three main contributors to fading caused by the sun. The film will help to slow down fading. It uses a tint to stop the heat and glare, unlike Coolclear which uses the latest technology. As such it has a slightly darker tint and not as good performance, although it still performs very well. It is slightly cheaper than Coolclear Anti fade if you are on a tighter budget. If you?re looking for a completely clear UV film then Clear UV is a good option, although Coolclear is the best in the range.

  • Ideal for homes & businesses
  • Stops fading by up to 55%
  • Stops up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Has a very light tint – allows up to 66% of visible light
  • Slows down fading caused by the sun
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Self-adhesive