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Spectrally Selective Coolclear Solar Window Film Installed To Apartment Windows in Vauxhall

an empty room with floor length windows installed with coolclear solar window film

Our team installed a clear solar control window film on these apartment windows in London.  The film reduces solar heat and fading without blocking the light or view.


Vauxhall, London

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Installation Date

July 2020

The Challenge

The customer loved his new modern apartment.  The large glass windows let the light flood into the room and provided stunning views over London.  However, the windows caused a bit of a “greenhouse affect” making the room unbearably hot in the warmer months.  We was asked to install a film which would reduce the heat without blocking the light or the view…

The Solution

The solution was a simple one.  We installed Coolclear Solar Window Film to all the windows in the apartment.  The film is spectrally selective which means it stops the heat from the sun without blocking the light.  Once installed it is virtually invisible but blocks up to 64% of the sun’s heat.  The film also blocks 99% of UV rays which was an added benefit for the customer.  The film would reduce fading which can easily damage flooring and furniture.

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