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  • Photo of Reflective Silver Window Film
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    High Reflective Silver Window Film


    High-performance protection against solar heat, glare, UV & Fading.  It can also be used to create one way vision privacy with a silver mirrored exterior.

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    Etched Frosted Vinyl


    Neutral frosted finish. Total privacy day and night. Allows maximum light transmission. Paper-backed vinyl for easy handling.

  • Coolclear solar window film installed on a sun room
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    Coolclear Solar Window Film


    The ideal solution if you want to reduce solar heat without stopping natural light. Excellent UV protection makes this the ideal solution against fading.

  • Coolclear Anti Fade
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    Coolclear Anti Fade Window Film


    The best choice if you want maximum fade protection with minimal tint. Spectrally selective, offering some defence against heat and glare to further reduce fading.

  • Photo of security window film on a roll and installed on a window
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    Security Glass Film


    175 microns thick. A thicker window film for maximum security. Use to strengthen glass and keep burglars out. Tested to BS EN 12600 1B1. Untinted.

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