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The design is one of the most important parts of van signage.  Our sign writing and van wrap design service will make sure you get noticed.  Professional installation or buy DIY wrap and get free delivery.

Use Our Design Service, a free stock design or Your Own Design

Van Signage Design Evowrap

 There’s no point using the best products and first class installation if the design falls short.  The best van wraps and signwriting requires the best design service too.  With our 3M and Arlon vinyl wrap and our expert fitters your design will continue to push your business forward for years to come.

We are happy to install your wrap or vinyl using your design.  We love to bring your designs to life.  If you haven’t already got a van design then let us create a masterpiece for you.  We will sit down with you to bring your ideas to life.  If your struggling for ideas then we can help to provide some inspiration.  It’s our goal to rid the world of boring designs.  Even if you want something simple it doesn’t have to be boring.  We can work to any budget.  We can even do van wrap designs for FREE! Yes, I’ll say that again FREE.  No strings, no small print, simply free

Benefits of a van design by Evowrap

Using your own design is perfectly fine. However, there’s a massive benefit to having the wrapping company design the signage.  Here’s why:

  • Better looking designs – We have experience with what works and what doesn’t.
  • Can save you money – We have certain tricks which can save time and use less vinyl which saves you money.
  • Better placement – We can design it so that bits don’t get stretched or cut off where you don’t want them too.  Most designers don’t think of this.
  • Less risk – if there’s a problem with the design it’s up to us to put it right.  If your designer made the mistake it could cost you more money.
  • Free designs available – if you want to keep costs down then we have 1000’s of great stock van wrap designs that we can customise for free.  We will add your logo, phone numbers, website, email address, social media details and some lines of text about what you do.

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

Our services

Choose from our expert van signage design services:

Van Signage Design Evowrap

Van Wrap Design

An Evowrap custom van wrap design is unique, professional and matches you brand identity. We work with you before hand to work out exactly what you'd like. We can work to your budget and put as many hours into the design as you want to. We charge £30 + VAT per hour for a design. We recommend 5-10 hours for most designs. We want to make sure that when you get your first draft you'll be over the moon with it. Don't worry though, if there's anything you want changing, adding or removing we'll do it for you.

Van Signage Design Evowrap

Stock Van Wrap Design

So, you want a van wrap to show off your business but don't want the expense of a custom design. We have hundreds of stock designs which we can customise for free. There's no design charge for our stock wrap designs. We can add your company details, logo and some details about what you do. These stock designs are vibrant, stylish and I'm sure there will be one that you'll love.

Van Signage Design Evowrap

Sign Writing Design

We also offer traditional van sign writing design. We will create whatever you would like. We do like to add a twist to the designs and go that little bit further. Don't worry if you have a set idea in your mind of what you want we'll create that. However if you'd like us to add a little bit of creative flair then we will. We feel that even the most basic designs can really make an impact.

Areas we cover

If you’re looking for van signwriting or wrapping.  Look no further, Evowrap have over 17 years experience in the film and vinyl industry.  Bring your van to us or we can come to you in any of the following locations.

Van Signage Design Evowrap

Common questions

If we're creating the design

Yes, we work with you to help bring an idea to life.  We have some questions which help us get a better understanding of what you want.  We are happy to brainstorm ideas.  We find that once the ideas start to flow they don’t stop.

We make sure to get as much information from you as we can.  That way we can make sure that we get it right first time.  However, if you don’t like it we can change whatever you don’t like or start from scratch.  We find that by going through things with you in detail first that this never happens.  We make sure we get a great understanding of what you want. That way we can try and get the design spot on first time.

We take up to 5 working days to give you the first draft.  We then work on any amendments.  We can’t put a time on this as it depends how many amendments there are.  Once your happy with the first draft it takes a further 5 working days to create the final design. 

If you're providing the artwork

We will need the file in a vector format.  The way to check this is if it has .ai or .eps.  Sometimes a PDF is sufficient as well but we need to check this first.  If your wondering why a vector.  The reason for this is that its made using paths and fills.  It means you can enlarge it to any size without any loss to the quality.  Other formats such as jpegs or gifs can lose their quality when blown up to a bigger size.  If you don’t have the design in this format we can recreate it for you.  OOur design charge for this is £30 + VAT per hour.  We should be able to give you a good indication how long it will take once we’ve seen your artwork.

If you used a designer he should be able to dot his for you.  We can provide you with a brief so you know how to prepare the file.  Making the file print ready involves splitting it into print sized chunks, adding bleed and telling the computer where the cuts are.  We can do this for you. The cost for us to do this is just £30 + VAT.

Normally the artwork is a large file.  We recommend scaling it to 10%.  Make sure that whatever scale it is you clearly mark this in the file name.  For example, myfile@10%.eps.  This will make it easier to send.  You can email it to us.  If its too large then go to and send it to  It’s a free service that allows you to send large files.  Alternatively, you can drop it in to us on a memory stick.

You’ll want to make them as high as possible.  300dpi is the best but will be very hard to get when enlarged to the size for a van signage design.  Normally we recomend no less that 150dpi.

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