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how mirror window film can improve productivity in the workplace

Multiple studies have concluded that there is a strong relationship between low levels of sun exposure and low productivity. With an increasing number of people working in office jobs, this is an issue for many employers who are concerned about productivity and company success. As a result, many businesses are beginning to look at tweaking light levels and implementing decorative window film design as a means of boosting their productivity in the workplace. Instead of investing thousands in a total office makeover or replacing your existing glass, window film can be a great option to reduce heat and glare as well as effectively boosting your team’s well-being and mindset. Keep reading to discover how window film can be used effectively to boost the productivity of your team in the workplace.

How Does Light Affect Productivity?

The relationship between light levels and well being is a well-documented area of study. There are various theories behind why certain types and levels of light can have such a big effect on both our physical and emotional function. Natural light and UV from the sun are very important for a healthy and thriving life within human beings. Scientifically, this is explained in part by the fact that levels of the cortisol hormone are believed to drop significantly under artificial or poor lighting conditions. The result? Low cortisol levels will make workers more stressed and inhibit our ability to stabilise energy levels. One particular study found that office workers who were given the best possible office view out of the window were found to perform 10% – 25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall compared to those who had no window view at all. The Daylighting in Schools Reanalysis Report further supports this, investigating the effect of natural sunlight on student learning and percentage average improvement on probability tests for both reading and math. Overall, among the twelve models which were studied, an overall average of 21% improvement in student learning rates was observed in classrooms with the most amount of sunlight compared to the least. Ultimately, even a singular percentage of productivity can make a massive effect on an overall organisation. When we look at the bigger picture, if all workers can have their productivity improved by even 1%, then this could make a huge impact on the enterprise’s overall performance and financial revenue.

How Can Window Films Improve Productivity?

Businesses are well aware of the fact that natural light promotes higher energy levels and creative thinking for employees. In response to this, Evowrap offers handcrafted bespoke window films which produce excellent daytime light levels, thanks to the high quality, translucent nature of the materials. However, just as natural sunlight boosts productivity in the right amount, too much glare can serve as an unwanted distraction. Anti glare window film is also available, reducing the impact of headaches and screen glare whilst still allowing some natural light. One way window film is also another perfect option for businesses who wish to stop onlookers seeing into their building without blocking the natural light. All of Evowrap’s anti glare films come with extensive warranties from 7 up to 12 years. Giving businesses total peace of mind on the rare occasion that there’s a problem.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Light levels are a great means of boosting productivity within the workplace. However, it is also important that natural sunlight, UV light or excess heat levels don’t cause detrimental damage to your employee’s concentration levels. Solar window film is a great option for helping to keep in control of the sun’s effects within your workplace. This solar window film can reduce up to 80% of solar heat, UV rays and glare. Of course, a balance is needed, as some companies may enjoy being warmed up by the sun when it gets to the middle of the day. With this in mind, Evowrap has developed a solar window film in a variety of shades and materials for every situation. For those who work in busy offices, heat-reducing solar window film can ultimately be used to keep your premises cool and stops the heat before it enters. Another benefit of this product is that it still allows for the exact same clear vision for your workers.

A Personal Touch

Depending on the aesthetic that your business is trying to achieve, we offer plain or more extravagant window film designs. We create patterns and shapes within frosted film to add a contemporary and artistic look to your business’ space. Have a company logo or motto which you’d like your frosted window film to show? There’s no such thing as too much brand exposure. Evowrap can digitally print and cut any design from our frosted film, which makes it the perfect solution for companies who wish to do some extra advertising. There are various decorative designs available to add an artistic and eye-catching element to your business’ glass windows. All types of designs can be printed on transparent or privacy films in full colour to add a personal element to your window tinting.

Making the Light Choice Today

EvoWrap have a wide array of window film available, from frosted decorative solutions to solar window anti-glare and one-way vision. With over 17 years of experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time with Evowrap. If you’re interested in improving your productivity within the workplace, then simply request a free, no obligation quote or contact our expert team with any further queries.

Employees are less distracted and more focused without unwanted eyes on them. Privacy reduces interruptions and helps workers concentrate.

Yes, the film rejects up to 60% of solar heat and over 99% of UV rays. This glare reduction prevents eyestrain and headaches.

Glare can impair vision, cause discomfort, and make work more difficult. Controlling glare helps employees work more comfortably for longer periods.

Absolutely. It provides privacy for confidential meetings but doesn’t block natural light like blinds or curtains.

Studies show exposure to natural light increases alertness and energy. Workers are more productive in sunlit rooms.

 Yes, the one-way visibility feature prevents outsiders from monitoring valuables and sensitive information inside.

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