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Window Film vs Blinds: What’s the Difference?

Window Film vs Blinds: What’s the Difference?

Window film is a layer of film applied to the pane of the glass for a designed and tailored purpose, which could be to block UV or sun glare, retaining or reducing heat or even for security purposes. It can be used on your glass, polycarbonate conservatory roof and side windows.

At EvoWrap, we pride ourselves on our high-quality window film that saves you money, maintenance, cleaning and boasts some other great benefits in comparison to regular traditional blinds.

In this article, we’re going to explain how and why window film is a better solution than traditional blinds, by going through several factors to compare them. Keep reading to find out more.

Appearance and Style

Whilst practicality is important, appearance is a huge factor for any homeowner when it comes to designing their home. Blinds are great for adding colour and style to a plain room and with plenty of blind options to choose from, it can sometimes be a minefield trying to decide.

If you’re looking at having the rooms in your house appear bigger, window film can be the perfect solution. Rather than having blinds that visibly close in the room, window film can instead open the room up and instantly feel more spacious.

Cleaning and Maintenance

With busy schedules and lots of errands, deep cleaning can sometimes be the last thought on our mind and can be a burden. Blinds are a dust trap which attracts all sorts of dead insects and bugs. Venetian blinds can be the most difficult to clean as they are fragile, delicate and very easy to damage.

However window film is no different to the glass or polycarbonate, therefore no additional maintenance is required and there is nothing to break. Unlike blinds, window film doesn’t attract dirt and dust, so maintaining the film is extremely easy and straightforward. 

Windows with window film can easily be cleaned by simply spraying over the window with window cleaning spray.

Fade Protection

Not all, but some blinds reduce fading from the sun. This means that your furniture, carpets and flooring can eventually fade over time from the sun’s UV rays. Whilst it does take several years (sometimes even months) for this to happen, you’ll usually only notice the fading after it’s too late. It’s best to do your research first before investing in blinds as most of them won’t prevent this.

Window film is excellent at reducing fading and can stop over 99% of UV rays. This means that you can relax knowing your furniture and decor will stay intact without being bleached by the sun.

Glare Reduction

Glare from the sun can sometimes result in us having to move around the house to a room that we can sit in without being completely blinded by the sunlight.

Blinds can be very effective in reducing glare, however it might cost an arm and a leg for complete blackout blinds for glare reduction.

Anti Glare window film stops up to 99% of glare from the sun, so you can relax in any room of your house without being affected by direct sunlight hitting the room.

Heat Rejection

In the summer months, conservatories and upstairs rooms can be unbearably hot during the day. It can also be impossible to sleep at night with all the heat built up around the house throughout the day with no breeze filtering the heat out.

Blinds can reject heat in a room; however it doesn’t make much of a difference. Hot air between the blinds and glass windows will heat up very quickly then radiate through the blinds.


For homeowners, having a great view out of their window from inside is important if a lot of time is spent indoors. 

Blinds can block vision at night whilst still blocking around a third of the window during the day. With window film, you are still able to see out of the window during the day as there isn’t a set of blinds blocking the view.

If you’re concerned about people being able to see into your house, their view can be blocked by your blinds when they are down. With window film, you can choose from the blackout range so nobody can see in at all times, without blinds needing to be installed.

Which is More Cost Effective?

A number one factor in choosing between window film and blinds is the cost incurred and whether one is better value for money than the other.

Depending on whether they’re made-to-fit or bought from a high-street shop, blinds can be very costly to purchase and fit. With blinds allowing heat to build up around the house, homeowners are extremely likely to be blasting the fan or air conditioning throughout the day and night, which can be a huge expense in utility bills.

Window films are inexpensive and around half the cost of blinds, therefore they are a much cheaper and better alternative.

With window film costing only half of the amount as blinds and reducing your bills, it really is a no brainer! Window film is great value for money in comparison to traditional blinds.

How Evowrap Can Help

To find out more about our conservatory window film, take a look at our page here. Whilst we are based in the Midlands, we have our own team of highly trained installers covering the whole of the UK. With over 17 years of experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time with Evowrap.

We offer full after-care support and are happy to answer whatever questions you may have. If you’d prefer to install the film yourself, we provide full fitting instructions and offer free delivery on all orders. There is an optional upgrade to next day delivery for a small fee of just £3.99.

All Evowrap films come with 5 to 10 years warranty. We’re a friendly family run business, just at the end of the phone or easily reached online. Give us a call today on 0800 107 7965 to discuss your requirements, or request a quote using our online form.