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Residential & commercial window tinting, vinyl wrap and signage

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Evowrap are professional window tint and vinyl wrap suppliers and installers.  We cover the whole of the UK  Alternatively, if you prefer to install yourself then benefit from free delivery in the UK.  Evowrap Architectural is the part of the business that caters for residential and commercial customers.  Our range of window tint and vinyl wraps are perfect for offices, homes and conservatories.  Evowrap Automotive is the side of the business that caters for your vehicles.  We provide car window tinting, headlight tinting and vinyl wraps across the Midlands if you have a suitable premise or you can bring your car to us.  We also offer wraps and signage for vans, bikes, boats, buses and trucks.

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Window Tinting & Vinyl Wrap Installation Services

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Nationwide Installation

Nationwide installation and minimal disruption to your day.  Window tinting and vinyl wrap UK installation or buy online.  We cover the whole of the UK to install to homes and offices.  We cover the West Midlands and Worcestershire for automotive window tints and vehicle wraps, providing you have a suitable premise.  Alternatively, you can bring your vehicles to us.

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Benefits of Shatterproof Security Window Film

Benefits of Shatterproof Security Window Film

Our security window film goes a long way to prove that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your property when opting for a secure solution. The shatterproof design will ensure you and your glass stays safe from a wide variety of threats, whilst also keeping it crystal clear to onlookers. Keep reading to discover how and why you should make your glass shatterproof with security window film.

2-Ply Window Film

2-Ply Window Film

2-Ply window film is a window film that has two sheets of polyester, and so in it's simplest form will be a scratch resistant coating, two sheets of polyester, an adhesive and then a backing liner.  This will only produce a clear film and so very often a dye...

Safety and Security Window Film Explained

Safety and Security Window Film Explained

Safety and Security Window Film is primarily a clear un-tinted film that is designed to hold shards of glass in place when under impact, although some films are available combined with a tinted solar coating.  The film is designed to hold the harmful shards of glass...