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Anti-Glare Window Film

Stop Glare By Over 80%

We all love sunny days until you want to watch TV, work on the computer or read. The suns dazzling glare can be a real headache.  Anti-Glare film can solve the problem.  UK nationwide installation or buy online with free delivery.

Benefits of Anti-Glare Window Film

An Evowrap installation gives you the best protection against solar glare. It instantly stops up to 99% of glare.  Choose from a great range of anti-glare films. Anti-Glare window film is ideal for homes, conservatories, offices, and schools.

Anti Glare Window Film Evowrap

Reduce the suns glare by over 80%

We install the film to your existing glazing. It instantly reduces the sun’s dazzling glare. Blackout films stop up to 99%. If you still want to be able to see thorugh the window then reductions of up to 83% can be achieved.

Light bulb graphic natural light being let in through the window

Still allow in natural light

A much better alternative than blinds. It still allows natural light to pass through your windows while reducing the sun’s glare. There’s no need to settle for a dark room. That is unless you want to block all the light. In which case our blackout films can be used.

Curtains and a window with window film installed

Keep your curtains open on a sunny day

Is it annoying when you have to keep your curtains or blinds closed on sunny days? Anti-Glare film could allow you to leave the blinds open and maintain the view.

Laptop showing how anti glare window film can help

View TVs and monitors more easily

Find it difficult to read or see your TV or monitor screen when the sun’s out? Trying to read a book or an important document? Our anti-glare window film helps to reduce eye strain and make life more comfortable

Thermometer graphic showing that glare reducing window film also reflects heat and uv

AntI-Glare window film also reduces solar heat & UV rays

All of our glare reducing window films are great all round solar control films. The films also help to reduce solar heat and ultra violet rays.

warranty reosette showing 10 years warranty that comes with window film installation

10 years warranty

All of our anti-glare window films come with extensive warranties from 7 up to 12 years. This gives you total peace of mind on the rare occasion that there’s a problem.

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

Clients we have worked with

Best window films for glare reduction

Reflective Window Film

Reflective Window Film

If you still want to see out of the window then the reflective film is the best choice. The reflective films stop the most amount of glare without blocking your vision out of the property. It gives daytime privacy by giving a mirrored appearance for people looking into the room. Reflective films stop up to 83% of glare.

Tinted Window Film

Tinted Window Film

If you don’t want the mirrored appearance that you get from the reflective range then the tinted range may be your best option. Available in 3 shades. There are dark, medium and light options. These give a smoked appearance but a more natural look than reflective films. They don’t offer as good glare reduction but still perform very well.

Blackout Window Film

Blackout Window Film

The blackout films offer the best glare reduction. Available in silver, white and black. These films stop up to 100% of glare. They also block the vision and most of the light so can make the room dark if all the windows are covered. The film works very well installed on high level windows and then fitting a tinted or reflective film to low level glazing.

Why choose an Evowrap installation?

Evowrap installer fitting window film to glass

Wherever you are in the country, you can benefit from an Evowrap window film installation. We are based in the Midlands and have our team of installers covering the whole of the UK, and we don’t use subcontractors.

All Evowrap team members who visit your property are employed and highly trained in the Evowrap way. We’re a friendly family run business, just at the end of the phone.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements or request a quote using our online form today.

Why Trust Evowrap?

  • Extensive warranties
  • Friendly, family run business
  • Over 19 years experience in the industry
  • Mess free installations
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Simple booking process
  • Installers are CSCS and PASMA/IPAF certified
  • We use premium grade films from 3M, Llumar and Solar Screen

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

Common questions

Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive light. It causes discomfort and can be disabling. Sensitivity to glare can vary from person to person. Older people can often find glare more of a problem. As can people with sensitive eyes.

It’s not possible to reduce glare without stopping ANY light. However, you can reduce glare without causing the room to become too dark. The fact that glare is direct sunlight means that the only way to reduce glare is to also lower the amount of light coming into the room.

Glare can definitely cause eye strain. If you are looking at computer monitors all day but having to squint. This can cause eye strain. The same can be said if you are trying to read but the sun is dazzling you all day. By reducing glare into the room you can help to eliminate mistakes as well as keeping the workforce healthy and happy.

Our prices vary depending on the location, complexity of the job and how much window film we use.  Fill out your details and we will get a quote today

Yes, this is the problem that we can help with. bright sunlight shines through the window making it difficult to see TVs, monitors or to read. We tint the window which reduces the amount of glare shining through.

Unfortunately not.  The other type of problem with glare is caused by the sunlight bouncing back from the glass. This is particularly bad for businesses with window displays. The glare bounced back at customers trying to look through the window. The result is that they can’t see your window display. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can fix this problem and still allow people to see through the glass.

Areas we cover

Our anti glare window film installers cover the whole of the UK for residential and commercial installations.  We travel up and down the country every day from London to Birmingham, Manchester to Bristol.

Anti Glare Window Film Evowrap

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?