Blackout Window Film

Light Blocking Privacy Film

Blackout window film is the ultimate privacy film. 0% vision, 0% light transmission.  Nationwide commercial and residential window film installation or buy online with free delivery

Blackout window film installed on part of a glass fronted commercial building

The benefits of blackout window film?

Blackout Window Film Evowrap

Total Privacy Day & Night

Sick of having to see those unsightly areas? Tired of neighbours overlooking you?  Unlike frosted window films which you can still see some silhouettes through, blackout film completely blocks the version.  It works day and night, no matter what the lighting conditions are like inside or out.  It also stops you from seeing out of the windows.  If you’d still want to keep the vision out of the property you may want to check out our one way window film.

Reduce Glare on TV Screens & Monitors

The black version of our black out window film blocks nearly 100% of the light.  The white version blocks 95%.  This makes both of these blackout glass films perfect for elminating glare.  Blackout window film is the perfect choice if you’re looking to convert a conservatory to a large screen TV area.  It’s also ideal for work areas which are overlooked by large windows, making it impossible to see the screen on sunny days.

Large TV screen with large glass roof above causing glare
Internal view of hiteout window film installed to a conservatory roof to make the roof a solid appearance

Super Money Saving Alternative to a Solid Conservatory Roof

Have you been looking at a solid roof for your conservatory? This is incredibly costly, with Evowrap white blackout film you can get the effect for a fraction of the price

Benefits of blackout window film for residential clients

Ultimate privacy
Protection from UV rays

Benefits of blackout glass film for commercial clients

Hides unsightly areas
Ultimate privacy

Why choose Evowraps blackout film for windows?

Total Protection

Ensure complete vision and light blocking

Superior Products

Utilising the latest technology in superior window film, we offer the best blackout window films

Your Choice

Available in black and white - maintain privacy while creating the aesthetic you desire


10-year warranty

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation service – we can advise on which blackout window film is the right solution for you, as well as provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Our Blackout Window Films

Blackout window film installed on half of a piece of glass with a flower behind to show cmparison

Blackout Window Film

When it comes to complete removal of vision and light, our black out tint for windows is king. 100% removal of light and vision. If your worried about UV rays, the black out film for windows has you covered. Transmitting only 1% of all UV rays, you can say goodbye to harmful UV rays.

Blackout window film installed on half of a piece of glass with a flower behind to show cmparison

Whiteout Window Film

Not a fan of our black option? Try our whiteout films instead. Still blocking 100% of vision and 99% of light. If your worried about UV rays, the white out film for windows has you covered. Blocks over 99% of UV rays. When fitted the white out film has a glossy white appearance.

Ready to add total privacy to your windows?

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