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Stop the sun fading your property with UV Window Film

Nationwide installation or delivered direct to your door

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UV Window Film Installation

The sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays can be really damaging to anything close to your windows.  Protect against fading with a UV window film.  We install UV film onto existing glazing; we don’t need to remove your glass.  Makes the installation mess free.  Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

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Reduce up to 99.5% of Ultra Violet Rays

We can install a UV window film to instantly stop up to 99.5% of harmful UV rays

carpet lifted to show faded floor due to no uv window film being installed

Stop the Sun Fading Your Furniture and Carpets

UV is the damaging part of the sun. It quickly causes your furnishings to fade. The installation of a UV window film slows down fading by up to 80%.

Womans face showing soft sensitive skin

Suffering from UV Sensitive Skin Conditions?

UV sensitive skin conditions are a real headache. You often have to keep blinds or curtains closed in the day to protect your skin. Now a UV window film stops 99.5% of UV rays and still allows a perfect view out of the windows. Always check with your doctor to make sure that this is enough protection for your condition.

Shop window with uv window film installed to protect the stock

Stop Your Stock Fading Near Window Displays

You need an attractive window display to draw customers into your shop. Within only 1-2 weeks this stock can fade. You can either leave it as it is but it won’t look as good as you’d like, or replace it costing you money. The installation of a clear UV window film slows down fading without stopping people seeing through your glass.

Areas Covered

Nationwide Installation

We install UV window film across the whole of the UK. With over 17 years experience in the window film industry, you can be sure of a perfect installation every time.

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Buy Online and Fit Yourself

If you’d like to buy the UV film to install yourself then visit our UV window film section of our shop today.


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Why Hire Evowrap?

Image of a window

No need to remove your windows

Window film is installed with the glass in situ.

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Completely Maintenance Free

No need to clean the film and doesnt attract dust.

Shield representing the warranty that comes with all our window film

Huge warranties for peace of mind

Most of our films carry ten years warranty.