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One Way Window Film Installation

One way window film allows you to create privacy without blocking your view.  The perfect choice if you want to create a one way vision effect in your home or office.  We install the film onto existing glazing; we don’t need to remove your glass.  Makes the installation mess free.  Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

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One way vision window film installed showing two views

One Way Vision

Stop people seeing into your home or office without stopping your view. We can install a one way window film to create perfect one way vision during the day.  You can see out, but they can’t see in.

view looking out after one way window film has been installed

Daytime Privacy Without Spoiling The View

The film is mirrored on the outside, so people looking in see a reflection of themselves. You still have perfect vision out of the property. From the inside, all you see is tinted glass.

One way mirror window film installed on office window with man outside

Living Room or Office Close to a Footpath or Road?

If you’re living room is close to a public footpath you feel like you’re in a goldfish bowl. Everyone walking past can see straight into your room, and you can’t relax. Closing the blinds is the only option, but then you’re stopping all the light and spoiling your view. We can install a one way film to give you daytime privacy without stopping your vision.

Graphic showing how one way vision works on your windows

Only Works if Significantly Brighter on One Side…

The film does have a limitation; you need it to be three times brighter on one side than the other. This means the side you want people to see through needs to be three times brighter than the other side. When this happens, you get an actual one way vision effect. This means the film usually only works in the daytime.

Damaged blinds on a window

Blinds Get Damaged Easily and Stop You Seeing Out

One way vision film is a better option than blinds. Blinds get damaged easily keep putting them up and down. When the film is installed it’s maintenance free. Blinds stop you seeing out whereas the film allows you to see out of the property still.

CCTV operation room

Protect Security Offices and CCT Monitoring Rooms

Stop people seeing into secure locations such as CCTV or security offices. Keep your vision out of the property.  Amazing security.

Areas Covered

Nationwide Installation

We install solar window film across the whole of the UK. With over 17 years experience in the window film industry you can be sure of a perfect installation every time.

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Buy Online and Fit Yourself

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Why Hire Evowrap?

Image of a window

No need to remove your windows

Window film is installed with the glass in situ.

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Completely Maintenance Free

No need to clean the film and doesnt attract dust.

Shield representing the warranty that comes with all our window film

Huge warranties for peace of mind

Most of our films carry ten years warranty.