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Turn your windows into a one way mirror. One way window film allows you to see out without others seeing in

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What are the benefits of one way window film?

Comparison photo showing how one way window film looks from inside and outside
One way vision - you can see out but they can't see in

Do people constantly stare through your windows as they walk past? Looking for a solution that stops them seeing in but without the cost of losing your view? One way window films creates a mirror on the outside of the glass, completely blocking vision. From the inside it adds a slight tint to the glass.  One way vision film only create privacy during the day.  For 24/7 privacy a frosted window film would be needed.

Also reflects solar heat, glare & UV rays

Provides one way vision whilst reducing glare (by up to 90%), heat (by up to 80%) and UV rays (by over 99%).  If you don’t need privacy we do have other solar window film options available.

One Way Window Film Evowrap
Image sghowing printed contra vision one way window film installed
Create one way vision privacy with our perforated printable contra vision window film

An alternative one way film is ContraVision. A perforated window film which allows a print on one side and allows you to see out from the other. This is a great window film privacy solution for companies. You can benefit from a custom full colour design with one way privacy.

Benefits of one way window film for residential clients

Blocks out nosy neighbours without blocking the view
Stops passersby peering into your home, if you’re near a busy road or foot path

Benefits of one way glass film for commercial clients

Protect sensitive data from prying eyes
Prevent people from seeing into offices
An extra layer of protection for secure locations

How one way window film works

How One Way Window Films Work

Our Products

Comparison photo showing how one way window film looks from inside and outside
Reflective Window Film

This film is one of our best selling products, and with good reason. Available in a range of different tints. These create one way vision privacy by creating a reflective mirror from the outside.  The film allows you to see out, just adding a tint to the glass.  Your sure to find the one for you. Reducing glare by up to 86% and heat by 80%, these window films won’t disappoint. As if that wasn’t enough, reflective silver is available with a Low-E coating, to reduce winter heat loss.

Ultra Vista - The Best One Way Window Film

Ultra Vista  is part of the reflective range, but we felt it needed a mention on its own. Its special vista coating offers two major benefits. Firstly it offers a superior one way vision effect than any other window films. It continues to work long after others stop. secondly, it reduces the internal reflection.

The film reduces glare by up to 90% and heat by 82%, this film is sure to help you survive the next heat wave. Although this film does reduce light most customers find that this is an easy compromise for the high levels of glare and heat reduction.

One Way Window Film Evowrap

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Daytime privacy - ensure that people can see out not in

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Utilising the latest technology in superior window film, we offer the best one way window film solutions

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Available in a range of colours - maintain privacy while creating the aesthetic you desire


10-year warranty

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UK wide window film privacy installation service – we can advise on which one way vision window film is the right solution for you, as well as provide end-to-end installation service

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Ready to turn your windows into a one way mirror?

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Rang them up, answered by Terri.She explained everything and gave me a quote.No pressure, rang back a couple of days later to clarify certain things.again no problems.happy with price.job done by very professional guys.happy with product.

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In short, the answer is yes. The film always reflects the brighter area. So whichever is the brighter side will have a more mirrored appearance to the darker side. For a true one way effect you need a 3:1 light ratio. So if you affect the lighting conditions on one side of the glass so that it’s always three times brighter than the other side then you always get the one-way effect in the same direction.

When it gets dark outside the films one way vision effect will reverse. As it starts to get dark outside you’ll notice that the effect slowly reverses. The only way to make the film work at night is to increase the lighting outside so that it’s 3 times brighter than it is on the inside.

If the one way mirror is the wrong way round or not working correctly it means your lighting conditions are not correct. You need it to be at least 3 times brighter on one side than the other. If you have a 3:1 light ration then you’ll get a one-way mirror. it’s less than 3 times brighter you may find that you can see through the film from both sides. if the one way mirror is completely the wrong way round then this means its much brighter on the other side. the only way to fix that is to increase the lighting on one side and/or decrease it on the other. Make it so that side you want to see into is at least 3 times brighter than the other side.

This depends on the room. It will reduce natural light. Most customers find it’s a lot lighter than they expect. The only time that it’s normally a problem is when theres already very little light coming into the room. When there’s a lot of glass then it’s never normally a problem.

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