Etched Frosted Vinyl Window Film


Paperbacked vinyl for easier handling and special bubble free technology.

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Evowrap frosted vinyl is the perfect choice if you want to create privacy without blocking the light. All of our products come with free delivery as well as step by step instructions. Installation tools are available also from our shop. It has a sandblasted etched appearance which looks like standard frosted glass. The etched window film can be installed internally or externally. It is easier to install internally so we recommend this if possible. It is self adhesive so no messy glue is required. We have this available as a standard version or with bubble free technology. Frosted vinyl works day and night. It blocks the vision unless you are very close to it. It also lets in masses of light so darkening the room is never normally a problem. This etched window film has a matte finish. It’s an ideal choice for bathrooms, wet rooms, store rooms, data rooms and living areas close to a busy walkway. In fact any area where privacy is essential 24 hours but you don’t want to darken the room.

So whats the difference between standard and bubble free frosted vinyl?

This etched window film is available in two versions. As this is a vinyl rather than a polyester film it means it has a paper backing liner. Most people find this is much easier to handle than a normal, thinner, window film. The standard version has a normal backing which is applied wet in the same way as other films. Although it hasn’t got the name bubble free, as long as you follow the instructions you wont get bubbles with this version either. The bubble free version has special channels to let trapped air escape. It guarantees no bubbles if you follow the instructions. This bubble free version forgives mistakes so if you don’t quite get all the water out it can still escape. The channels then close over time. It’s applied wet or dry. We recommend wet as its an easier installation. Please be aware that only a very fine mist of water should be used with this version. As long as you follow the instructions any trapped air will easily escape meaning no bubbles!Don’t forget to check the suitability before purchasing. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.


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