Safety Window Film Anti Shatter Glass Protection


Turn your glass into safety glass. No need to remove your windows. Safety window film offer invisible safety and security for your family and colleagues. Helps to prevent the glass from shattering.

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child putting his hand to glass with safety window film installed


Safety window film provides invisible protection by preventing your glass from shattering.  When it comes to safety, we all have different levels that we want.  Some would like to protect their glass, whether it be a table or a window from breaking and hurting someone.  This can be really helpful for those that have commercial buildings as well.  Glass dividers between rooms or glass shelves typically come as tempered glass but not always.  Our safety window film is applied directly to the glass itself.  There is no need to remove the window, but have it applied as if you were applying window tint.  It is that simple.

This protective safety glass film helps with:

  • Protects furniture and other things on the inside from fading by the sun’s UV rays.
  • Makes the glass shatterproof
  • Adds a layer of protection for break-ins.
  • Makes the glass safer

To install the anti-shatter safety window film, you simply need to pull off the backing and reveal the sticky back.  This will allow you to fully install the safety film to your windows without complicated tools or adhesives.  It sticks right to the glass.  Before installation, you simply need to fully clean the area and then apply the film and cut it to size.  If all of this seems a little overwhelming, not a problem, we offer nationwide installation services for all of our safety films.

Safety window film

Our safety window film has been tested and meets the standards for Britain and Europe. This safety film meets regulation 14 of  The Workplace (Health, Safety, Welfare) Regulations 1992 (BS EN12600 Class 2B2/ BS6206 Class B).  Brief details of this regulation can be found on the government website here.  Alternatively, the HSE has a full 60-page publication here.  This is important for those that are interested in using this in a commercial property.

This sort of glass safety film is perfect for those that are running daycares or schools.  It can add another layer of protection to ensure there aren’t shards of glass going everywhere should a child break a piece of glass. This ensures the safety of everyone around as well.  It is great for playrooms.

Take a look around at the various films that we offer.  We not only offer protective window safety film, but we also offer security window film and even film that will protect your storefront from bombs, blasts and explosions!


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