Safety Window Film


Turn your glass into safety glass. No need to remove your windows. Safety Window film is installed straight to the glass. Makes it safe from shattering.

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Buy safety window film and turn your windows into safety glass. When hit by an object or if someone falls into it, the glass is held in place. The safety film holds these harmful shards and protects occupants. It is optically clear, so invisible when installed. Fit to your existing glass, there’s no need to remove the window. Safety window film has been tested to European and British standards for total piece of mind. If you own a business or your home is open to the public, you need to make certain the glass is safe. The safety window film complies with Health and Safety in the Workplace 1992 regulation 14 (BS EN12660 Class 2B2 / BS6206 Class B). Safety film stops 99% of ultra violet (UV) rays. This protects interiors from fading caused by the sun. The scratch resistant coating protects the film to keep it looking good for years to come. The film is sticky backed to allow an easy, mess free, installation.* Ideal for homes & businesses* Makes glass shatterproof* Makes glass safe* Invisible when installed* Stops 99% of UV rays* Protects interior from fading caused by the sun* Scratch resistant coating* Self-adhesiveDon’t forget to check the suitability before purchasing. Some films cannot be installed onto certain types of glazing.


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