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What are the benefits of security window film?

Burglar tries to smash a window with security film installed
Burglar proof your windows

The Metropolitan Police states that “Burglars target windows as they can offer easier access than doors…Laminated glass or security film is recommended for ground floor and accessible windows.” Evowrap security window film instantly turns your existing glazing into security glass. It offers the extra protection needed if an assailant is making repeated attempts to break into your property. If the glass is attacked, window films hold the glass in place. This helps to defend against burglars. claims that  “The vast majority of burglars won’t even try to break through security glass. They know that would be a waste of time in most cases.”

Keep your loved ones safe and secure

Security window film is a thicker version of our clear safety window  film. It provides everything safety film does but offers increased protection for occupants. Security film protects people from flying shards of glass if the window smashes. Additionally, it offers protection against explosions (subject to a site survey)  and storms. When the glass is hit, the film stops any dangerous shards from coming into the building. These can often result in injury and sometimes death.

Broken window caused by burglar breaking in to premises to steal
Pjhoto of clear security window film being peeled back from a table
Optically clear

Once a security film is installed it is completely invisible. Upholding the safety of occupants and items whilst allowing for clear vision through the glass. You wouldn’t know it’s there until you need it.

Rigorously tested

Tested to BS EN 12600 Class 1B1 (formally – BS 6206 Class A) window films offer a high level of protection at a low price. The testing process pushes this film to its limits, this ensures your peace of mind knowing that it won’t break under pressure. This strict testing means that it complies with health and safety in the workplace regulations.

Security window film being tested in a lab
Benefits of security window film for residential clients

Protect yourself and your family from break-ins
Protect against harmful glass shards
Instantly deter thieves

Benefits of security glass film for commercial clients

Invisible defence for stock and precious artefacts
Prevents injury from glass damages
Protect against smash and grab robbery
Perfect for jewelers and sellers of high value items

But do burglars break in through windows?

According to A Secure Life ( 34% of burglars enter homes through the front door. 23% of home burglars get access to the home through a first floor window. 22% of home burglars use the back door as an entry point. 9% of burglars access homes through the garage. 6% of burglars gain access to the home through unlocked entrance and storage areas. 4% of burglars access homes through the basement. 2% of burglaries take place through second story windows.

pie chart showing security issues and burglar entry points

Check out these videos on how security window film can protect your property

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