Solar Window Film

Keeps you cool. Reflects dazzling glare. Protects your prized possessions against fading

Nationwide UK window film installation for residential  and commercial customer or buy online with free delivery available.  Solar window film is ideal for all kinds of windows including conservatories.

Solar window film installed on a commercial building

What are the benefits of solar window film?

Thermometer showing suns heat through the window
Keeps you cool

Reduce the suns heat by up to 80% with heat reducing window film. Instantly reflect solar heat away from your windows.

Reflects bright sunlight and annoying glare

Improve your comfort. Anti-glare window film cuts out up to 90% of glare.  Instant glare reduction for your windows.

woman standing at window with bright sunlight glare pouring through
Solar window film protecting flooring against fading
Fade protection for your furnishings

UV window film blocks over 99% of UV rays. These UV rays are the main cause of fading. Can help if you have UV sensitive skin conditions but always check with a doctor first.  We have anti UV films which stop over 99.5% of UV rays as well.

Reduce heat loss through your windows

Insulating window films add a low-e coating to reduce up to 33% of winter heat loss.  These solar control window  films are also excellent at reflecting solar heat and glare as well as harmful UV rays.

Woman inside on a winters day with insulating window film on her glass to keep her warm

Our Products

Reflective Range

Best performance for total solar protection

If you’re looking for the best performing solar window film then the reflective range is the perfect choice.   The window film still allows you to see out but does have the darkest tint out of all the solar films. The fil offers the best heat, glare and fade protection out of all our solar coatings.  These films are also available in a one way privacy window film version.  These provide daytime privacy.  For 24/7 privacy windows check out our frosted window film.

Reflective silver window film installed on patio windows
Natural 20 solar film installed at kitchen showroom
Natural Range

Best for non reflective all-round solar protection

If you want good performance but with a more natural looking tint then our natural range is the ideal option.  The window film has a smoked tint and is available in various shades.  Doesn’t offer as good performance as the reflective range but doesn’t have as mirrored appearance either.  good at reducing solar heat, glare and fade protection.

Coolclear Solar Film

Best sun protection with minimal tint

Coolclear solar window film is our flagship tint for those who don’t want to change the appearance of their property.  It uses the latest technology to reduce a large amount of incoming solar heat without blocking the light.  The window film is so clear that you can hardly tell the window has been filmed.  Excellent heat, UV and fade protection whilst being nearly invisible.

Apartment with coolclear solar film installed on the glazing
Low-e solar film installed to windows on conservatory roof
Low-E Solar Film

Best insulating

If you have poorly insulated windows and also want to reflect solar heat, glare and fading then our insulating window film is the option for you.  Has the same excellent heat, glare and UV reflecting properties as our reflective range but also has an internal low-e coating.  This coating helps to keep up to 33% of winter heat in.  An excellent film for conservatory roofs but can be used on most types of glass.

Why choose Evowrap?


Ensure a more comfortable environment for all, regardless of season

Superior Products

Utilising the latest technology in superior window film, we offer the best solar control window film solutions

Wide Range

Available in a range of tints - maintain comfort while creating the aesthetic you desire


10-year warranty

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation service – we can advise on which solar glass film is the right solution for you, as well as provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Ready for the best solar protection for your windows?

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If you have a question about any of our products or services then please get in touch.  We’re happy to help.

The solar film works by reflecting the sun rays. surface. This prevents glare, heat, and/or UV rays from entering through the window.

It certainly does. Customers with air conditioning will see the biggest savings.  This is because we can install films to reduce up to 83% of solar heat and reduce winter heat loss by up to 33%. This means you can reduce your air-con bills as well as your winter heating bills.

Solar window films can last 20 years or more in the right conditions.

Most of our installations come with 10-year warranty.

Window film will stop the heat before it’s entered the room. Solar screens such as shades and blinds have already let the heat through the glass. This tends to cause the void between the screen and the glass to heat up which then radiates back into the room. Window film reflects this heat before it enters a room.

Solar screens work well to reflect the glare and sometimes the UV rays but only when they’re closed. So your only option is to get the protection and not to see out the property or to have zero protection. Window film works 24/7 and still allows you to see out the property. Infact, our Coolclear range is virtually invisible to the eye, but offers massive protection against solar heat and UV rays.

All solar films are suitable for toughened glass. If your glass isn’t toughened then it depends on what film you choose. There will always be an option available, we even have external versions of some films. If your windows aren’t made of glass then it will limit what you can use. there are some options available.

Evowraps installs solar window film across the UK. or you can purchase solar window tint and install it yourself from our online shop.

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